Granite Countertops and Quartz in Omaha

John Ruskin, 1829-1900

"It is unwise to pay too much
But it is worse to pay too little
If you pay too much you will lose a little money, that's all

If you pay too little you might sometimes lose everything
Because the thing you have will not be able to do what it was bought for
The law of equilibrium of industry and commerce does not
allow paying too little in order to get much - This is not possible

If you are doing business with the cheapest supplies, it is
advisable to add something for the risk you are taking
And if you are doing this you will have enough to pay for something better."

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Great job all you all did, and GMS Werks was the best experience we have had to date with the all the “trades” associated with this kitchen remodel. . .point being, I wished all the trades involved in our kitchen remodel were as pleasant, professional and went as smooth as it did with GMS Werks.

Bob Hays

Wanted to say you did an outstanding job with the Blue Lemurian. Especially noticeable are the precision matching and disappearing joints. Great craftsmanship with an amazing piece of stone! The men did the job in two short days and left the area clean and picked up. Plus, they didn’t slip in the snow!

Sally & Dave Snyder

I never thought I’d be writing a special note about the person who installed my countertops. Usually the installer comes in, installs, and gets out. Jason is absolutely the opposite of that. He made me feel comfortable about every part of the installation process, and was extremely patient with any concerns I had. He made it very clear that he wanted me to be completely satisfied with what he was installing and never made...

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