• 9/11/2019 9:54 AM

Updated: Quartz

There is nothing like finding the perfect material to use in your home or business. However there are so many options to choose from, which can make the process daunting and confusing. So how do you choose? 

  • 1/3/2018 2:10 PM

Using Tile To Accent Your Home

Tile is a design alternative to paint and wallpaper, and adding tile to a wall for accent can transform your room and add some dimension to your living space. Accent walls can serve as a focal point or can be used to highlight a certain part of the room such as a fireplace or bathtub.

  • 3/1/2017 8:45 AM

The Facts About Real Quartzite

Quartzite is a very confusing natural stone to most people. Researching the stone on the internet doesn’t help much either. One site will say it etches and another will say it doesn’t. There are a lot of inconsistent information on what quartzite actually is and what characteristics it possesses. So why is the information mixed? That’s most likely because quartzite is commonly mislabeled. There is the real quartzite, then there is marble or dolomitic marble that are often mislabeled as quartzite. Real quartzites properties are very consistent. Let’s get to know the real quartzite.

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