• 6/21/2017 6:00 AM

Radianz - Where Natural Stone & Tech Meet

In an effort to better inform you about all of the surfacing options available to you, we’ve started covering different materials each week and giving an in-depth look at each. Last week was Dekton, and we explained exactly what Dekton was, how it’s made, its advantages, where it is best used, and just overall why it’s a great option to choose when it comes to surfacing materials. This week we’ll focus on Radianz. We’ll continue with the same formula by giving you a better idea of what exactly radianz is, what it’s comprised of, the advantages of utilizing it in your home or business, where it is commonly used, and generally why it’s a great product for whatever your need! Our hope is that by explaining all your options and offering a closer look at different building materials in the marketplace, we’ll be able to help you narrow down your search!

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