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  • 1/5/2022 11:56 AM

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

A new year calls for new home trends! As we head into 2022, the trends of 2021 won’t be gone, however, there will be many new kitchen designs that will blossom throughout the year. We are here to help you stay up-to-date with all the current and future kitchen design trends. 

At GMS Werks, we are your go-to countertops Omaha company! We provide the highest quality natural stone countertops Omaha homeowners can trust. From marble to quartz, quartzite and granite, we have it all! Below, we go over some of the top design trends experts are predicting for 2022. 

Interior design trends

Interior design has seen some changes over recent years. The old ways of doing things aren’t necessarily the trendy way to do things now. Here are some interior design trends that may boom in 2022. 


Many architects and interior designers are looking at ways in which they can incorporate sustainability in their work. Sustainability and eco-friendly design and materials have been a hot topic in recent years and will continue to be one of the main focuses when designing home and commercial buildings. Luckily, natural stone is one of the most sustainable materials you can use for countertops, floors and your overall design!


Another trend that experts are expecting this year within interior design is multifunctionality. Many interior designers and homeowners are looking at new ways in which they can create a space that can be used for multiple purposes. This is especially true in smaller kitchens where space may be limited. 

Kitchen countertop trends

Just like interior design, there are certain designs, colors and materials used for kitchen countertops that go in and out of style. Below are some kitchen countertop trends that many experts are predicting will be big this year. 

Natural materials

Natural materials are in! Concrete and other materials were in for a while, and they may continue to stay popular, but more and more homeowners are choosing to add natural stone to their kitchen designs instead. Natural stone countertops are beautiful and sustainable and come in a variety of colors and designs. Luckily, we are a natural stone countertops Omaha company and are ready to help whoever decides to hop on this trend! 

Exotic stone

On top of natural materials, exotic natural stone specifically is projected to boom in 2022. Unique slabs of marble and granite are becoming more and more sought after, and rightly so! There are so many cool and unique natural stone options that are different in their own ways, something homeowners are starting to incorporate more into their kitchen designs!

Honed finishes

Lastly, honed finishes are in! Honed countertop finishes are kind of the middle ground between high-glossy polished countertops and more leathered feeling surfaces. Honed finishes look great on darker stones, especially marble, and will even contrast well with lighter colors!

Throughout all of 2022, there will surely be new trends or “fads” that come in and out of style, but natural stone surfaces continue to show that they are timeless. When planning your next kitchen renovation, keep these 2022 kitchen design trends in mind! 

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