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  • 6/26/2019 10:15 AM

3 elements to consider when choosing a kitchen countertop

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are the first element to consider during a renovation. It's an important decision to make, especially when you need to choose a countertop material. Kitchen countertops are highly noticeable, not only because of the space they occupy but because they are continuously in use. They also need to be able to take a significant amount of pressure. Homeowners and even commercial businesses need to know how to select the perfect kitchen countertop.


G.M.S. Werks are experts on everything countertops Omaha! We offer a wide range of exclusive countertops.  Here are three things to consider when deciding which countertop to go with! 


Consider the visual appearance

The perfect perfect countertop will be the focal point in your kitchen! That’s why it is so important to create the perfect atmosphere using your natural stone countertop. In many businesses the countertop is also the main transaction point. Your company’s countertop needs to have an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance. Light colors may contrast well with a slightly dark-colored countertop -- if your cabinets are dark, you can create a contrast with a light countertop.


Sampling is vital for kitchen countertops 

If you’re already familiar with a couple of kitchen countertop materials, you know how important it is to sample your paint color next to your stone. The strategy is also useful for any kitchen countertop remodeling that you're considering. You will also want to determine if you like the feel and texture of the material you choose, and sampling will allow you to do so! 


Many decisions regarding countertops are often made in a store with paint strips, ask for a sample to take home so you can get a feel for it in your own atmosphere. The last thing you want to do is decide you don’t like your new countertops after installing and spending a bunch of money! 


A look at how you’ll accessorize the kitchen

Solid kitchen countertops may look dull but straightforward in a room, especially without additional patterns going on. If you are into a stylized tile backsplash, a solid color may easily balance the room. If you like simple colors, the kitchen countertop can take a natural pattern coupled with multiple colors to provide a balance. For many individuals seeking countertops  Omaha, granite is the top choice. The material is available in various colors such as beige and corals. It's also available in two main finishes, including polished and soft matte. 


After determining which countertops you want, you will then want to look at the rest of the kitchen. You may want to rearrange items or even paint your walls or cabinets different colors to compliment your new countertops. You could also mix and match  different countertop styles in different places in your kitchen. 


G.M.S. Werks is a premier supplier of kitchen countertop materials. We offer products including snack bars, islands, vanities, tub surrounds, tables, buffets, and more! Our staff is knowledgeable about everything countertops Omaha! Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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