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  • 7/15/2020 8:15 AM

Are Granite Countertops Man-Made or Natural?

Natural stone has become a huge trend in interior design and home decor. This is for many reasons, mostly that it is beautiful and durable. If you are able to properly care for your natural stone, it will last you many, many years. Another reason that many homeowners opt for natural stone is because it is unique. No two slabs of natural stone are the same, which means your countertops will always be one-of-a-kind. 

Many people are drawn to the many things that you can do with natural stone. Aside from just countertops, you can use it for showers, bathtubs, custom sinks, flooring, backsplashes, pools and much more. You can also have your choice of material, which can include, marble, quartz, granite and other options. 

Many of today's countertops contain synthetic materials, but granite countertop slabs are truly a natural stone. Only "cultured granite" products consist of man-made material. Every slab of genuine granite is different and has its own one-of-a-kind pattern.

What is it?

This stone is a volcanic rock; it was created as lava cooled. Several minerals can be found inside of it, including feldspar, mica and quartz. The composition varies considerably, giving different stones a wide spectrum of colors.

If a slab contains muscovite, it has a more yellowish appearance. On the other hand, biotite gives it a darker surface. Quartz and feldspar are more common; they add pink, white and/or grey to the mix.


Although it's natural, granite countertop slabs go through a long manufacturing process with numerous steps. The rock is mined from quarries across the U.S. and around the globe. Next, wire saws cut it into manageable pieces with the help of powerful drills.

The blocks are repeatedly separated into smaller chunks. Wire saws don't resemble the tools most people recognize. Instead, this equipment consists of metal wires that have beads of diamonds on them. Powerful motors make the wires revolve in loops.

After the slabs shrink to a comparatively small size, a side is polished and the stone is transported to a distribution center. Additional cuts are made to accommodate specific cabinets and fixtures before contractors install the countertops in homes.

An exception

Some installers offer cultured granite. This man-made product consists of resin, calcium carbonate, stone granules and possibly other materials. These substances are ground and mixed before being bonded together. This results in a uniform but less natural appearance

Other materials

Likewise, quartz and laminate countertops are man-made. Quartz primarily contains the rock it's named after, but the material is ground up and held together with synthetic substances. On the other hand, marble is natural unless it's "cultured."

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