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  • 3/29/2017 6:00 AM

Basic Rules For Mixing And Matching Countertops

Kitchen countertops should be both elegant and practical, with that being said, it’s important to consider that not all types of stone were created equally. Take the experts advice when it comes to choosing countertops, and mix and match.

A popular trend among architects and designers is mixing and matching countertops. It makes for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen. Combining practical and elegant materials for countertops reveals a realm of both beauty and function. And doing so can be not only unique and striking, but it can also make for a budget-friendly design.

To assist in choosing your countertops, here are some key factors to keep in mind:


It’s important to know your kitchen before choosing and installing new countertops. Where in your kitchen are you most likely to have spills? For most, spills are likely to happen close to the sink or cooktop, which are typically the most used areas in the kitchen. In areas where spills are prone, it’s a good idea to consider a durable material that resists moisture, spills, and stains. Quartz is a great choice that will hold up against your worst spills.


Do you love to bake? Did you know that marble has a naturally cool surface that is perfect for keeping dough soft and assists in keeping it from sticking to the countertop with very little dough required? It’s true. So, channel your inner baker and love your countertop not just for looks, but for function too.


Create a consistent and composed look by highlighting the kitchen island as the focal point of the kitchen. Typically the island is where family and friends gather, so what better area to make the luxurious main attraction? Typically, the perimeter counters are going to be used the most for everyday cooking and other tasks, so it’s a good idea to choose durable materials, such as granite or quartz, for these areas. Choose a material that is functional and complements the island focal point.


Display yourself in your kitchen. This is where you get to let your style shine. Are you going for a sophisticated feel? Consider marble, both Carrara White and Calacatta Gold are great choices for sophistication. Or if you’re feeling more contemporary go for granite or quartz for a modern clean feel. The choice is yours after all!


Don’t disconnect your stone choices so much that it feels like you got a two for one deal at the salvage yard. Consider the coloring in the stone and how they complement each other. If you want a warmer look, Crema Marfil Marble with a granite or quartz with warm brown or taupe undertones is a beautiful pairing. If you’re going darker tones, such as gray tones, then experts suggest choosing a marble island that has cool gray veining and using dark gray or black granite as the complimentary perimeters. Lightness should always be contrasted for a balanced look. For example, if your island is light in color then it’s best to choose a darker material for the perimeter countertops.


Don’t forget about those edges. And don’t think that they have to match! A marble island with a waterfall edge is a great way to complement the perimeter countertops that may have an eased, bullnose, or beveled edge. Check out popular counter edge styles here to find your perfect fit.

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