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  • 4/11/2018 1:29 PM

Best Places To Use Granite In Your Home

When people think of Granite, they think of countertops. While it is true that Granite does make a great countertop surface, there are several other very popular places that you can install the material.

As a stone, Granite is very strong and attractive, which makes it a top choice for homeowners. Because of these properties, it is important for all current and prospective homeowners to know that there are more ways than one to use Granite in your next project.

These are the most popular ways that homeowners are using Granite in their home:

  • Using Granite as a Countertop or Island
    The kitchen is the number one place that homeowners choose to put Granite. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is strong, resistant to water and heat, and easy to clean. Since there are so many color options available, Granite looks good in any modern or traditional kitchen.
  • Use Granite as a Vanity top
    Similar to the reasons for its popularity in kitchens, Granite is also a common material for bathroom countertops. The bathroom is the most abused room in the home, so having a countertop that is strong and resistant to water and mold is ideal.
  • Use Granite as a Backsplash
    Backsplashes are meant to create a barrier between the wall and the common materials that often get splashed up on the wall such as food and water. This brings us back to one of the reasons that Granite is such a popular stone...its resistance to water.
  • Use Granite as a Desktop or Tabletop
    Because of its strength and durability, Granite is a good option for desktops and tabletops. Since it is so stylish, it is often used in formal dining and office spaces.
  • Use Granite as a Fireplace Mantle
    Many people are starting to use natural stone around the fireplace, more specifically for the mantle. Granite can turn even the most boring fireplaces into the focal point of the room.
  • Use Granite as a Sink
    Forget about your typical sink materials like porcelain, stainless steel, and glass. Granite is trending for sinks because of its eye catching colors and styles as well as its durable qualities.
  • Use Granite as a Mosaic
    Mosaic tiles can be used as patterns or designs in a wall or floor, and can also be fitted into a larger tile to create one large mosaic piece. These mosaic designs can be used both inside and outdoors.

Since Granite is such a flexible and highly sought after stone, the limit does not exist when it comes to using it in your home. For more trends, check out Kitchen Trends 2018, Bathroom Trends 2018, and Outdoor Trends 2018.  

If you are planning a remodel and are interested in how Granite would look in your home, contact us at GMS Werks and we would love to give you the stone of your dreams!

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