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  • 3/21/2018 10:36 AM

Best Places To Use Marble In Your Home

Marble is one of the most recognizable stones for homeowners. If you have previously purchased Marble then you know how elegant and beautiful it is. That leaves us with the question: What areas are best for marble countertops?

Master Bathrooms

  • Marble is an ideal stone for a master bathroom because it doesn’t see as much traffic as a family bathroom does. A marble vanity will compliment the elegant style of your bathroom. 
  • Trending: In 2018, we are seeing homeowners moving away from modern bathrooms with spa-like bathrooms taking over.

Kitchen Countertops

  • Marble is a cost effective and heat-resistant which makes it a great choice for kitchens. It’s resistance to heat allows it to be installed around stoves and ovens.
  • Trending: Homeowners are moving away from grand kitchens and using bold, vibrant color schemes in their kitchens.

Bar tops

  • If you have a bar in your home, adding marble can bring it to life. It can be a great conversation piece and will bring timeless beauty to your bar. This new addition to your home will have your friends wanting to stay in instead of going out.

Accent Wall

  • Adding Marble as an accent piece can bring liveliness to whatever room you put it in. You can add pictures to reflect your personality or you can keep it simplistic and modern.


  • The main point of a backsplash us to create a visual effect for the eyes. It’s also stain-resistant just in case there is any splashback from cooking.
  • Trending: Homeowners are moving away from matching their natural stone to mix-matching their backsplash and countertops. 

Fireplace Surround

  • Mable is a visually appealing stone which makes it a great choice for your fireplace since its the focal point of your living room.


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