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  • 2/1/2018 9:14 AM

Best Places To Use Tile In Your Home

The design possibilities are endless when it comes to using tile in your home. From bathroom walls to kitchen backsplashes, using tiles in your design brings personality and versatility to any space in your home.


The bathroom is one of the most common places to use tile. It gives the area a polished look and allows you to revamp your bathroom without doing any major renovations. There are several different ways that you can use tile within your bathroom to match your personal taste and these include:

  • Wainscoting
    This is a decorative wall covering that extends partway up the wall. You usually see it done in wood and in areas such as the dining room, but it can work in the bathroom to add some character. An added benefit to using wainscoting is that you can use it as a backsplash if it extends high enough above the sink.
  • Border Tile
    A border tile lets you add your own personal style without putting a hole in your wallet. You can add a strip of mosaic tile or colored glass along the top of your wainscoting or you can let it stand along against a painted wall.
  • Flooring
    Tile flooring is the most common type of flooring used in bathrooms and offers an alternative to wood that can become warped if it is exposed to too much water. If you are putting tile flooring in your bathroom, pay attention to the porosity. You’ll want to choose a more impervious floor because of the exposure to water.
  • Shower Tile
    Using tile in the shower can create different zones within the bathroom. You will want to use a tile that has a water absorption rate of less than 3 percent and has good traction.
  • All Over
    If budget isn’t a factor for you, then using tile all over the bathroom can be an interesting way to bring durability and easy-to-clean style to your bathroom. Vary the color, shape, pattern, size and textures of the tiles by using different materials throughout the bathroom. Using all-over tile is a great way to brighten a small space.


Tiles are not just used for the bathroom. Your kitchen is another room that can benefit from the use of squares of various shapes and colors. Try one of these ways to use tile to revamp your kitchen without having to completely remodel:

  • Floor
    The floor is a fairly standard place to use tile in the house, but this doesn’t mean you need to be traditional about the tile that you use. Black-and-white tile can give your flooring a modern look, while experimenting with different colors can add creativity and flare to your space. There is no one tile that is better than the other, it all just depends on your taste. Here are a couple of idea to get you started!
  • Countertop
    The countertops are the focal point of the kitchen. Give your countertop an update with tiles in a neutral color to prevent them from contrasting with your flooring.
  • Backsplash
    Tile backsplashes are gaining more and more popularity. A backsplash is a panel of tiles that are placed on the area of the wall behind the stovetop. Using this prevents any splatters from cooking from staining the wall behind the stove. While many backsplashes feature simple patterns, you can play around with colors and patterns to find a design that better fits your style and personality.  
  • Accent
    Adding tiles to your kitchen doesn’t need to take up a bunch of time and money. If you are looking for a small project to add some flare to your kitchen, consider using the tiles to accent your decor. You can hang a few large, decorative tiles on the wall or use them as decorations or coasters.

If you are interested in adding tile to your home, check out the new tile that we have to offer and don’t forget to contact GMS Werks for your next big project!

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