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  • 9/27/2017 6:00 AM

Choosing The Best Natural Stone: Bathroom Countertops

Last week on our blog, we discussed choosing the best natural stone for your kitchen countertops and backsplashes. This week we will be discussing choosing the best natural stone for your bathroom countertops:

Bathroom Countertops



Marble is a highly polished stone that can give your bathroom an elegant. It comes in a wide variety of colors starting with pure white marble and moving into pale pinks and blue to dramatic blacks and browns. It is one of the most expensive types of stone and susceptible to stains. You can take measures to prevent stain by treating it with a sealant regularly.


If you want a more informal look then limestone might be the way to go. Unlike marble, limestone has more of a matte finish. It is a very absorbent stone so cleaning and maintenance are very important. In limestone’s purest form, it is white or cream color but when it is mixed with different minerals, it can cause diverse discoloration such as reds, yellows or grays and blacks.


Slate has a textured surface and an organic look which makes it a great stone for countertops especially if you are going for a more informal look. It is available in gray, black, and green. It is a softer material than granite, but it is still extremely durable. Slate is too an expensive material so it should be sealed and properly maintained to make it last.


Sandstone is exactly what it sounds like. Its rock made up of sand masses that have moved by water or wind. The color varies depending what mineral it is mixed with. Iron gives it a reddish-brown color while other materials can cast white, yellow or grayish hues. Like all other natural stone, this stone needs to be sealed to prevent or minimize staining.


Granite is one of the more expensive natural stones, but its look makes it all worth it. Granite is an extremely hard rock that has been formed by volcanic activity. Its durability means that’ll maintain its look for years to come. It is bacteria resistant and with the proper sealing is also stain resistant, plus it is nearly impossible to scratch. Granite is available in an array of colors.


Soapstone is typically gray in color and is highly resistant to heat, but also softer than most stones. It is still very dense, even more than limestone, slate and granite. This means that it won’t stain and makes a great bathroom countertop material and it requires very little maintenance. All that is needed for this stone is a coat of mineral oil which might cause the stone to turn a charcoal gray or black color.


If you are looking at any of these materials for your bathroom countertops, head on over to our bathroom visualizer to get a better feel for what it could look like in your bathroom.


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