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  • 2/19/2020 9:49 AM

Commercial design tips

When designing the perfect office space, there are a lot of factors to consider. Of course, the function of the space is important, but what also matters is the environment for the employees. You want a space that is relaxing, functional and promotes creativity and ideas within your workplace. 

In order to make sure that your employees are kept happy and productive, your interior design should represent everything your business stands for. That can be played out in how you incorporate art, functionality and design into your usually boring commercial space. Adding in elements like wood, stone or metal can be appealing, but you also have to consider things like wood refinishing or granite maintenance if you choose those elements. 

Here are some interior design tips to give you inspiration for your new office or workspace!

Form over function

Most businesses and corporations focus heavily on cost when designing or creating a space for the first time. Of course, this makes sense because there is usually a budget that needs to be stuck to; however, furniture in a modern workplace should be as comfortable as it is cost effective. 

There has become an increasing focus on ergonomics, which means that there should be a lot of customizable furniture like adjustable arms, head rests and more standing height desks to accommodate those who practice healthy ergonomics when working. Customers are also looking more for high quality furniture, which means steering away from cheaply produced items and picking more durable materials like wood and metal. Natural stone is a nice touch and things like granite maintenance or stone repair are not often needed. 

Quirky combinations

Most office spaces tend to think that they need a theme to their design. While it is important that all of the elements somehow tie together to make the space cohesive, people are more drawn to a space that has variety. Create a space that has several different touches to make it interesting. You can even switch up the floor tiles or do a funky and unique stone countertop

Consider the culture

When designing your space, consider who will be working in it. What does your company, brand or organization value stand for? How can you convey those traditions throughout your office space to be sure that it feels authentic and true to you? The culture of your office personality should be reflected in the design that you choose. 

Does this mean that you incorporate and open office set up? Or maybe you stick to the norm and keep it closed off. You also need to consider what the space you’re already working with has to offer. 

Keep it versatile

You usually want an office space that is easily converted when your team needs change. This means incorporating furniture and pieces that are customizable and easy to move when needed. You should also consider versatile pieces that are easy to move to encourage communication and frequent adaptations to keep things interesting. 

Other ways to make your space versatile is by incorporating different materials. Woods, metals, stones and fabrics are a great way to keep things fresh. Servicing those products can be simple given that they are durable. Granite maintenance, fabric cleaning or wood sanding shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. 

Focus on community 

Companies and businesses are becoming more and more focused on community and communication throughout the workplace. There have been studies that have shown evidence that relationships in the workplace should be a public health priority. Creating connections socially has a deep positive impact on health and your workspace should reflect that thinking. 

Your space should encourage communication and a place that employees can interact with each other and build a community. This means that you could create a fun cafeteria room or a break room filled with arcade games. Maybe you have the outdoor space and can create a patio with lawn games to take a break. Encouraging your employees to interact and form relationships with each other is the best way to keep them happy and productive. 

Creating the right workspace for your office personality can make all the difference when it comes to employee satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to try out new designs, colors or materials. Using funky and mismatching colors or use durable stone materials. Whatever you choose to do for your space, make sure it reflects who you are as a business.

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