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  • 4/22/2020 9:59 AM

Common Mistakes When Choosing Natural Stone

Using natural stone for kitchen and bathroom countertops has become a trend in the US in the last decade. There are lots of different options that you can choose from, which can sometimes make the decision a bit overwhelming. Oftentimes homeowners do not do the appropriate research needed to be sure that they are choosing the correct stone for the space and for what it will be used for. 

Some of the natural stone options that you can choose from include marble, granite, limestone, soapstone, quartz and many more. It is important that the stone you choose to be the right level of maintenance and durability while still maintaining the aesthetic features you are looking for. 

Unfortunately, many people find it hard to choose between these stones, leading to a lot of mistakes and ultimately, buyers' remorse. That is why it is important to make sure you know everything you can about the stone you are choosing. 

Here are some common mistakes made when choosing natural stone countertops.

Choosing the wrong stone

While all forms of natural stone are durable and of high quality, they don't all serve the same needs. Thus, when picking a stone for your countertop, you need to factor in what suits your bathroom and kitchen functionality requirements.

For instance, quartz stone resists scratches and stains; thus, it is appropriate for your kitchen if you cook and use utensils a lot. A stone like marble is highly porous, which means it is a pretty high-maintenance surface. This type of stone would not be good for countertops that have heavy usage because they can be scratched easily and are very easy to absorb stains. The stone you choose needs to stand up to everyday use in your house.

Failing to plan for color

Natural stone countertops come in a variety of colors and unique patterns, thus you need to choose one that complements your color scheme. If you're remodeling your kitchen, you can adjust its color scheme to fit the stone you want and vice versa.

However, the color shouldn't be your only focus when picking stone countertops. You should also consider the quality of your stone as not all are the same. For instance, some granite stones are more porous than others, making them susceptible to stains.

Luckily, all natural stones are beautiful and unique as no two pieces are the same. Because the stone is natural and not man-made, each slab is completely unique to each other. Many homeowners find this to be a draw to natural stone because their piece will not be the same as anyone else's. This allows for a special and unique look to your space that can really only be achieved with natural stone. 

Using the wrong measurements

This is a common mistake, especially among individuals that DIY their countertops. The incorrect measurements can adversely affect your countertop installation and make your kitchen or bathroom look poorly done.

At times, you can order a stone slab that is too small for your countertop, forcing you to reorder. To avoid taking the wrong measurements, hire a professional contractor to install your natural stone surfaces.

At GMS Werks, an experienced contractor will ensure your natural stone surfaces are of quality and can serve your everyday needs. Contact GMS Werks today for natural stone countertops for you any natural stone project you are looking to create!

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