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  • 6/14/2017 6:00 AM

Dekton - The New Breakthrough Surfacing Material

When it comes to choosing a surfacing material for your residential or commercial need, it can often be overwhelming due to the plethora of options available to you in the marketplace. Enter in Dekton, a revolutionary new product that combines the best surfacing materials in the world to produce one like to other. While it may seem like this product is just one more to add to list of possibilities and thus one more to research into, you needn’t worry too much. Because Dekton is a combination of the highest quality surfacing materials, it is inevitably superior to the rest, so while it may just seem like another addition to the list, its very existence makes it not just any addition to the list but THE addition to the list. As a matter of fact, it IS the list and should be considered for use above any other. If all of this hasn’t been convincing enough already, we’re going to go into more detail below about what exactly Dekton is beyond the provided definition, how it’s made, the advantages of using this product, where it can be used, and why exactly it’s the right surfacing material for you.

What Is Dekton?

As iterated above, Dekton is a new surfacing material in the marketplace that is a proprietary blend of quartz, glass, and porcelain. Lorenzo Marquez, Vice President of Marketing for Costeno, the manufacturer, describes the breakout product as “a hybrid of the best materials in the market for surfacing.” Because of this, he considers it be a new product category rather than an addition to an existing one, and we concur.

How It’s Made

You now know exactly what Dekton is, but how exactly is it made? Glad you asked. According to Dekton’s website, they utilize exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology which is a high tech process simulating “an accelerated version of the metamorphic change the natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years.” This technology employed to formulate Dekton is what makes is truly revolutionary and stand out from the rest.

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If it isn’t already apparent, this product is pretty sweet. To further illustrate this, we’re going to discuss some of the major benefits of this that make it stand out from the rest. These advantages include high resistance to UV, scratching, stains, fire and heat, abrasion, and ice and thawing.

High UV Resistance

Because of its high resistance to UV light, Dekton will not fade or degrade over time. This makes the product great for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

High Scratch Resistance

Just because it’s new to the game doesn’t mean Dekton can’t compete as it is regarded as the most scratch resistant product in the marketplace. While this is true and it can stand the test against a simple knife scratch, Dekton’s website still recommends the use cutting boards to protect your household utensils.

Stain Resistance

While many other products are simply resistant to stains, Dekton is completely stain-proof. Wine, coffee, markers, and rust stand no chance against this product and can be easily removed from the surface. Additionally, because Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is also completely chemical resistant. Like wine, coffee, markers, and rust, drips or splashes from common household cleaners such as bleach, drain cleaner, and oven degreasers can be easily removed from the surface.

Fire and Heat Resistance

According the Dekton’s manufacturers, because Dekton can withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking, hot pots and appliances like crock pots can be placed directly on the surface without any worry of damage.

Abrasion Resistance

While it is well known that granite is one of the most resistant materials to abrasion in the marketplace, Dekton is even more so. Yeah, you heard right. This resistance to abrasion makes it the ideal surfacing material for commercial applications and high traffic areas such as flooring as it will not show wear over time and will last for the lifetime of the product without needing resurfacing or refinishing.

Ice and Thawing Resistance

Because Dekton has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, it is thermal shock proof from extreme heat and extreme cold, and because it is extremely resistant to ice and thawing, it is the perfect material for even the coldest environment like Omaha often can be!

Where It’s Best Used

Because of its versatility and durability, Dekton can be used in a number of different situations including residential, commercial, indoor, outdoor, on countertops, or for flooring. No matter your need, Dekton can provide.

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Why You Should Consider Dekton

Sure there are similar products in terms of an aesthetic sense, but there is no other product like it composition-wise in the marketplace. According to VP of Marketing, Lorenzo Marquez, “the look and feel is unique,” and once again, we concur. For this reason and the reasons listed above, we highly recommend Dekton’s use for your residential or commercial job.

Because it’s so new to the marketplace, Dekton can’t be found everywhere. Lucky for you though, GMS is one of the premiere distributors of Dekton in the Omaha area, so if you’re feeling saucy today and want to make wise investment, give us a call to assist you in doing so!

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