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  • 3/6/2024 3:30 PM

GMS In The Werks: Omaha Home Project

We recently finished up another project for a homeowner in Omaha, Nebraska. During this project, we remodeled a kitchen, adding new countertops and backsplashes! We also updated the home’s dining room, bar room and fireplace surround. We are very proud of how well this project turned out and are very excited to walk you through it!

Natural quartzite shined throughout this entire project! Outside of the granite we used for the kitchen countertops, we used a variety of different types of quartzite. 

First, let’s walk you through the kitchen! We started by replacing all of the existing countertops with Black Mist granite stone. These slabs had a honed finish that paired well with the existing design of the space.


To complement the dark color of the countertops, the homeowner decided to go with Van Gogh quartzite for the kitchen island top and backsplash. This lighter-colored stone matched perfectly with the dark granite, providing a fantastic contrasting design! The earthy tones in the quartzite brought a great natural sense to the room!

After the kitchen, we moved into the dining room where we installed Azure Quartzite as a small counter and backsplash. Although this was a small feature, it made its presence known in the dining space! 

After the dining room, we headed to the hearth room bar, where we installed Lineage quartzite! This quartzite had a unique design, providing both light and dark coloring, and it ended up working great! 

Lastly, we finished up with the hearth room fireplace, where we installed a Botticino Fiorto marble fireplace surround. On top of looking stunning, marble fireplace surrounds offer a variety of benefits, including heat retention!

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