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  • 7/25/2018 6:00 AM

GMS in the Werks: The Burghardt’s

This week, we’re highlighting a stellar design we created and just completed. Recently, we designed Mark and Kami Burghardt of Gretna’s wine room project! For the space, we used Zebrino Light Onyx as a backsplash, which the stone is translucent by nature. Now, imagine installing backlit LED lights to illuminate the entire room while showcasing the wine bottles.

The mastermind behind this project is interior designer Beth Settles with Interiors by Joan.  Every design detail is crafted intentionally like the “cradles” used to hold the wine bottles on display. Take a look at the finished product below!

LED lighting is a popular design trend for natural stone in 2018. LED light designs are often remakes of the tried and true lights you saw in your middle school classroom. However, designers fully embrace the flexibility of LED lights by using them to create unusual designs and landscaping. With the right lighting, you can highlight a stand alone piece in any room by  transforming it into a statement piece.

The backsplash wall we created  for the Burghardt’s is a beautiful design of Zebrino Light Onyx! This stone comes from a variety of places including South America and Europe. This Onyx type can be used for designs in interior, exterior, floor, hardscaping, walls and more. Onyx in its purest form is a variety of oxide minerals and chalcedony. The available colors range from variant shades of white to black, blue or even purple. Often, there are bands of black or white color found in Onyx.

GMS Werks is the premier place to buy natural stone in the Midwest. If you love this custom project or want to know more about it, visit our website. We would love to help you get started on your next project!

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Natural stone can add a unique style to any space. If you are looking to start a home renovation project this summer, GMS Werks has a wide selection of beautiful and durable natural stone! If you are interested in adding natural stone to your home, office, or retail space, contact us at GMS Werks and we would love to help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of!

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