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  • 11/12/2019 10:28 AM

Granite care: polishing and buffing

Granite is one of the most popular choices in a home when it comes to natural stone. This is due to durability, cost and long-lasting beauty when it’s properly cared for. When a granite countertop or flooring option is installed, this natural stone is susceptible to scratches, wear and tear as well as becoming dull. 

Homeowners and business owners, do not worry about this. This is a common occurrence that happens over time just as other materials would be susceptible to scratches and becoming dull. 

The best thing about Granite stone options is that a homeowner can polish and buff their granite back to life! 

Avoid common mistakes 


Yes, someone could do more damage to their granite stone if they do not properly buff granite or apply the granite polishing cream correctly. These are the most common mistakes that should always be avoided: 

  • Polishing floors: DO NOT polish your granite kitchen or bathroom floors that have a large amount of foot traffic. This can create a slip-n-slide in the space which can cause injuries. Granite floors should be cleaned with soap and water, but never use granite polishing cream for safety purposes. 

  • Polish over weak spots: If there is a weak spot in your stone, then this space should not be polished or buffed. It is imperative to call your natural stone contractor to properly and carefully handle this situation. 

  • Polish before sealing: When natural stone is not sealed properly, a granite polishing cream will not help. Any type of natural stone needs to be sealed to make sure that this material is not porous and correctly repelle spills; however, there are stones that do not need to be sealed but that will be discussed with your natural stone contractor. 

  • Using common cleaners: Do not put chlorine, vinegar or other common household cleaning products on natural stone. This is because it can cause the stone to breakdown which can cause weak spots in the stone and cause problems later in the duration of its life. 

The proper way to polish and buffer granite 


The first step in the entire process is to wipe down the countertop and make sure it is clean. Once this is done, take a soft cloth and wipe down the countertop so the countertop is dry. From there, make sure any granite polishing cream is granite safe. There are ones on the market that are not safe for different types of natural stone. 

If this polishing cream contains the following products do not use it on the countertop:

  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Lime
  • Bleach

These common household cleaning material causes sealants and the stone to break down which causes visible stains. This is where the granite polishing cream and buffing granite come into play because a person uses a wet polishing cream to buffer out stains and scratches in their natural stone. 

When a homeowner or business owner is buffing their countertop, it is imperative to not use a machine. When a person buffers their granite this needs to be done with proper buffing pads and some elbow grease! 

At GMS Werks, our experts  recommend all homeowners and business owners proper polishing cream to keep their countertops pristine for years to come.  


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