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  • 6/29/2022 3:24 PM

Guide To Choosing The Perfect Tile

Tile is an easy project that in itself can make a massive difference in your space. Whether you want to achieve a new look or one that is cohesive with your current aesthetic, there is no shortage of different types of tile to choose from. That being said, it can be difficult to find the perfect tile for you with so many options at your fingertips. Before visiting tile stores in Omaha NE, you should establish a general understanding of what you’re looking for. Here’s our guide to choosing the tile that is best fit for you and your space!


Tile is multi-functional, acting as flooring or a backsplash in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, living areas, backyards - you name it. When choosing your tile, you must keep your tile’s desired function in mind. For instance, if you need a tile for your bathroom floors, it is critical that you choose a tile material that is highly durable, hygienic and water-proof and generally appropriate for the function of the room.


Tile comes in different materials. Porcelain is a particularly popular choice as it is a hard and low-absorbent material. However, some individuals may prefer the look of natural stone tile like marble, travertine, limestone and granite. A major factor that separates the two is porosity. Porcelain is non-porous and therefore absorbs less liquid to prevent staining, while natural stone is inherently porous and can stain easily or harbor bacteria if not sealed properly. You can request a tile sample from your tile stores in Omaha to get a good feel for the different materials.


Once the best material for your specific function has been determined, you can get into the fun, surface-level stuff! For instance, what color do you want for your tile? Do you want a simple, solid colored tile or patterned? The key is making sure the tile will flow with the style of your home - but mixing and matching is cool too! As for tile texture, you can choose between matte or glossy tile. Glazed tile will be low maintenance and easier to clean while matte with no glaze like natural stone tile will need to be sealed. Matte tile is preferred, however, in spaces prone to water as a glossy finish can become slippery.

Size and shape

The size of your tile should be appropriate for the specific room and project. For instance, smaller tiles are not ideal for flooring as it makes installation a much more difficult and drawn-out task, thus increasing the cost of labor and material required to have it installed. The general rule is to use smaller tiles for smaller projects and bigger tiles for the bigger projects that cover more surface area. As for shape, go crazy! The classic subway tile is popular, but hexagon tiles are making a statement in 2022.


Grout is understandably an afterthought when choosing tile. Choose a grout color that matches your tile well and invest in quality installation as laying it evenly and thoroughly can be difficult for the non-professional. Do also ensure that your grout is properly sealed to prevent it becoming stained!

Now that you know the steps to choose the right tile, visit GMS Werks showroom and  tiles stores in Omaha NE. We carry a vast collection of tiles of all different styles, size, shapes and finishes. Our experts can answer any additional questions you may have and ensure your tile is properly installed. Contact us or visit our Tile Showroom today!

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