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  • 3/2/2022 2:19 PM

How to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash

In designing your kitchen, there are a lot of choices to be made. Don’t get so caught up on your countertops and cabinetry that you forget about a major focal point: your backsplash. Not only does your backsplash serve a function in preventing dirt and grime from building on your walls, but it's also a major contributor to your kitchen’s overall design and aesthetic.

So how do you choose the perfect backsplash to fit your space and your budget? Here’s everything you need to consider before visiting an Omaha tile store to pick up your backsplash. 


Start by determining the space that you want your backsplash to cover. Give priority to the space above the range and sink, as it is the “high-impact zone” of your kitchen. Also, note that the more space covered, the bigger your kitchen will look and feel. Measure the square footage of your project and use this to guide your budget, accounting for an extra 10 percent of tile just to be safe.  


Once you know the ground you want to cover and have a budget in mind, it’s time to choose your material. There’s a wide range of materials to choose from, such as glass, porcelain and ceramic, granite, quartz - the list goes on. Do thorough research on all of the different fabrication options and consider the cost, maintenance and durability as you finalize your decision. Our Omaha tile store experts can answer any material questions you may have!


It goes without saying that your backsplash should be cohesive with the overall design and theme of your kitchen. Choose a backsplash color that compliments your countertops and cabinetry, without being too matchy-matchy. If you want to follow trends, opt for a neutral or earthy tone for your kitchen backsplash.

Pattern and shape

Don’t limit yourself to the classic rectangular subway tile - get creative with shapes and patterns! Consider every last small detail. Do you want your tile horizontal or vertical? Do you prefer square or round? Whether your kitchen style is simple or funky, mosaic tiles offer a variety of unique pattern options to catch the eyes of your guests.


One of the final steps to choosing a backsplash is choosing your grout. Determine whether you want your grout to match your tile and blend in seamlessly or if you want some contrast in your layout. Also, decide on the joint size of your grout. For example,do you want it thin or thick? The layout can change the entire appearance of your backsplash, so plan accordingly.


Sealant helps to maintain your tile’s quality and durability over time. Your Omaha tile store professionals can seal your tile based on the specific needs of your chosen material. They can also help you plan future maintenance should your tile need regular sealing. 

Now that you know how to choose your backsplash, it’s time to visit our Omaha tile store to find the best tile for your kitchen project! Contact us today for more information on choosing the perfect backsplash.

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