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  • 7/22/2020 9:30 AM

How To Clean Your Travertine Shower and Bathroom

Travertine is a type of limestone that is typically used in bathrooms on countertops or in showers. While it can be a very versatile natural stone, it typically works best in bathroom spaces. Like other natural stones, it is incredibly durable. The look that comes with travertine is a sort of “worn” look, which means that it will stay looking timeless for the entirety of its lifetime. It typically comes in tiles and it is fairly easy to cut, which makes it easier to cut pieces for small or oddly shaped areas. 

Travertine is a beautiful, warm, natural material that can complement almost any design in your home. While cleaning travertine countertops is generally easy, extra care needs to be taken when maintaining it to avoid etching and staining.

This is because travertine is delicate, and improper cleaning can cause it to wear and tear quickly. Here are some cleaning tips that can help you maintain your travertine bathroom and shower for a long period.

Clean immediately

Despite its durability, travertine countertops can stain and etch easily. Therefore, clean any spills from soaps, shampoos and any other products immediately to prevent etching. Additionally, avoid placing acidic substances on your travertine bathroom surface as they may contribute to etching and staining over time.

Use pH-neutral products

Since travertine is a delicate natural stone, using abrasive cleaners can cause visible damage to it, e.g., a dull finish or polish. Luckily, you can ensure your travertine natural stone countertop remains shiny by using pH neutral products when cleaning.

Alternatively, you can opt to use natural stone cleaners specifically made for products like travertine. If you aren't sure which cleaning products to use on your travertine countertops, tiles and floors, ask your contractor for recommendations.

Clean regularly

Cleaning your travertine bathroom and shower often is vital in keeping it in mint condition for a long time. It's advisable to clean your travertine bathroom every two weeks. But this varies depending on the number of people in your home.

For instance, the more people in your household, the more cleaning your bathroom requires since it's a high traffic area; thus, it gets dirty frequently.

Identify the type or cause of stains

Many homeowners don't realize that different types of stain require different cleaning methods. For example, you can't clean an oil-based stain the same way you would clean paint or ink stains. It's thus vital to first identify the type of stain in your travertine bathroom and shower to know the cleaning method that achieves the best results.

If you are building a new home or simply doing an old home renovation, travertine is a great choice for all of your bathrooms. When trying to create a luxurious space, investing in good quality natural stone can take it to the next level. This can help your bathrooms have that spa-like feel without even leaving your home!

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