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  • 6/27/2018 6:00 AM

How To Maintain Your Granite Countertops For Years To Come

Granite countertops are a staple piece in almost any space. They are a major investment that comes with many benefits. When you make a big investment like this, you want to make sure to keep up on maintenance. If you take care of them correctly, granite countertops will last for decades and keep looking like new. Continuous care is important for this to be possible.

Granite is one of the easiest natural stones to clean when it comes to maintenance. With low maintenance, your granite can still last a lifetime! This is the reason that granite is so popular on today’s market. Below are ways to preserve your granite so that it will continue to look and function well.


Why do you need a sealer?

With their natural stone, granite surfaces need a regular application of sealer. This will create the finish you are looking for that is free from pores. It will also protect your counter from pesky stains such as red wine, citric acid, or meat drippings that you may spill while preparing a meal.

How often should you reseal your countertops?

As a part of the installation process, your slab of granite will be properly sealed. The best way to keep your countertops looking new is to reseal them once a year after the initial installation and sealing. If your granite is a lighter color such as white or gray, you may need to seal them more frequently, depending on usage.

When should you seal?

The best way to tell that you need to reseal your countertops is to drop a few drops of water on the surface and see if it is absorbed. If the water is absorbed, it is time to apply another application of sealer! Sealing is not a difficult process and it is fairly quick. Let your sealer sit for at least 24 hours before using the countertops again.

Everyday Care

If you seal your countertops correctly, daily care is easy for granite. All you need to do is dust off the surface with a cloth or paper towel. You can wipe the granite with a mild soap dish such as Dawn. If you need to do further cleaning, make sure the formula is okay to use on natural stone. Stay away from harsh chemicals.

At GMS Werks, we recommend and trust Formula 409 Natural Stone and Steel Cleaner as well as Miracle Sealants Tile, Stone, and Grout Sealer for our countertops. Check out their websites for more information!

Deep Cleaning (If Needed)

If daily care and an annual sealant is not enough for you or you need to remove stains on your countertop, there is another solution. You can create your own paste using baking soda and dish soap to apply on a stain. Cover it with plastic wrap and keep it there overnight. If you rinse it the next day and it still won’t go away, you may need to call a professional.

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