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  • 2/10/2021 12:40 PM

How to protect your marble from damage

No matter which countertop you choose during your remodel, there are things to watch out for. Almost every single material you can choose from will come with pros and cons and things you need to be proactive about in order to prevent wear and tear, especially if you end up choosing a cheaper material like a laminate.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, and it is very popular in many homes and businesses. People love marble because it gives off a luxurious feel. It looks expensive and sleek, and just like any other natural stone, it is unique. No two slabs are the same, which is a huge draw for many people when choosing what types of countertops they want. Though marble slab countertops are very popular, not everyone knows what to do to properly maintain their natural stone. 

Preventing stains

One of the most common issues that people have with their marble countertops is that they can stain. Marble is a porous material, which means that it will very easily absorb anything that is spilled on it. If this is something with a lot of color, like wine, it could stain your marble countertops. This is important to remember if you are going to be using your marble in the kitchen and are an active cook or spend a lot of time within that space. 

The best way to avoid staining of your marble slab countertops is to be sure that it is well sealed when it is installed. After that, be sure that you keep up on regular sealing to try to avoid as much staining as possible. If it does get stained, a good tip is to dip a cloth into a few drops of ammonia and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Then wipe the stain until the mark is gone. 

Protection from etching

Though many people choose to use marble in their kitchen space, it can be a delicate natural stone. If you are considering it for the kitchen, you want to be sure that you are very careful when using sharp objects like knives and always use a cutting board. 

Because marble isn’t quite as strong or sturdy as other natural stones, it is more susceptible to being scratched. This means that knives or other sharp kitchen objects can easily create marks on your marble slab countertops. Using a finish other than polished is a great way to keep your marble in pristine condition because this type of finish will hide any scratches! You will also want to ensure your natural stone fabricator reinforces the edges of your marble countertops to be sure that you do not chip them with pots or pans. 

How to incorporate marble

If you want to use marble in your home, but don’t want to worry about keeping up on maintenance, using it as a bathroom countertop is a great option. You can also use some marble features like a coffee table or shelving. If you are using marble for your kitchen, consider what type of finish you will use. A honed finish is a better option than polished because it will hide any scratches due to the fact that it is already etched

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