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  • 8/22/2018 6:00 AM

How to use natural stone to design a farmhouse-style home

If you are trying to build a farmhouse-style home for your family, then you must be imagining all of the ways to create the best layout and design for your needs. Materializing a farmhouse-style home is not easy but it is still doable. Have you ever considered using natural stone in the design process?

Bring in a country feel inside your home, while also implementing a rustic twist with the use of natural stone in your interior design. Think of it as a retreat from the outside world. Not all stones are the same, so familiarize yourself with the diversity of textures and colors in any natural stone suitable for your farmhouse-style home.

In fact, materials made of natural stones will create a balanced connection between man and nature. Other perks include being eco-friendly, sustainable, durable and requires less maintenance.  

Here’s a list of a few tips on using natural stones for a farmhouse-style home.

Fieldstones are perfect for exteriors

Natural stones have high flexibility which makes them appropriate for all kinds of interiors.

For instance, you can use fieldstones to generate a vibrant style which will fuse contemporary, rustic and eclectic elements. Fieldstones are the perfect fit for making exterior walls. You can also create boundaries with fieldstones, or build  an enclosing wall for your garden.They also work well with fireplaces inside country house-styled homes.

Ashlar Stone profile for your ranch-like house

Ashlar-cut stone is created from natural supplies like granite, limestone or slate. Ashlar stone profiles have negligible mortar joints. You can put them in random order or uniform fashion. Ashlar-cut stones have astounding texture but are cut seamlessly on the top and bottom.

These stones possess a strong dynamic that gives the house a distinctive feel. They  are perfect for creating ranch-style homes and low-slung bungalows.

Feature wall in your rustic home

You can build an interior feature wall inside your farmhouse-style home with a ledge or stacked natural stone. For instance, fireplaces inside such rustic looking houses can be prominently created with these stones. You can also craft a floor-to-ceiling accent wall in the area of the entrance or the hallway. Looking to enhance your relaxation in your private quarters? You can even use it to make a spa-like atmosphere t for a sauna or bathroom.

Depending upon your aesthetical choice, select a the right  stone profile to determine the extent of rusticity. For a contemporary rustic designs, go for either a ledge or stacked stone.

Why natural stone?

Natural stones are a great choice, primarily because they fit most budget ranges - meaning  these stones are extremely affordable. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money if you get natural stones from local stone yards and avoid a manufacturer or a store.

Natural stones provide tenderness to the rustic interiors of your farmhouse-style house. Natural stones naturally bring in the rustic appeal while keeping a fresh ambiance at home. Such stones are perfect if you are building your house in a city since they create a peaceful home environment by keeping out the cacophony of the outside world.

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