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  • 8/1/2018 6:00 AM

Interior Design With the Help of Natural Stone

It’s undeniable, natural stone is becoming increasingly popular. Interior design doesn’t stop with the installation of natural stone. You have to figure out how to accent, decorate and arrange everything so it looks cohesive. A few trends are really standing out in 2018.


Tile comes in and out of style, but this classic will always be a go-to. Showcase your floor with the look of porcelain tile perfection or spruce up your kitchen with a backsplash or countertop installation.

Tile is low maintenance, durable and easy on your wallet. Create a wall with exceptional veining from marble or add depth to your living room using a geometric pattern. Explore endless possibilities!


Incorporate some of the most beautiful materials in the world into your living space with natural stone from regions as far as Asia and Europe. It is incomprehensible to think such beautiful patterns are produced naturally. Eco-friendly, natural stone is sustainable and durable. You could utilize the same stone in your home for  decades to come. Natural stone is great in any room of your house because it can withstand wide variety of temperatures.

We go to the ends of the Earth to bring you the most premium natural stone from around the world!


The power of pattern attracts the eye. Whether it’s a geometric tile out by the pool or a European-inspired master suite, patterns breathe new life into any space. Matching patterns to your natural stone may seem difficult but with a little guidance it can be easy Once you know the vibe and mood you want to convey, the pattern pop will feel like a natural fit. Try using  this trend in an office, classroom or warehouse and see the transformation. The color pop trend adds dimension and character to your space!


Give your backsplash or accent wall some depth by adding 3D tile. Available options include wavy textures all the way to beveled herringbone. The super versatile trend is modern, sleek and definitive. Give your boring wall some life by adding a textured surface.

What is your favorite natural stone design trend? We love to hear your feedback!

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Natural stone can add a unique style to any space. If you are looking to start a home renovation project this summer, GMS Werks has a wide selection of beautiful and durable natural stone! If you are interested in adding natural stone to your home, office, or retail space, contact us at GMS Werks and we would love to help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of!

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