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  • 8/9/2018 6:00 AM

Limestone Variations

Projects containing limestone have recently grown in popularity across the globe, especially in the United States and Europe. It is used in homes, warehouses, architecture, decorative features and more! Limestone is long-lasting and versatile. Because of this, limestone can be used in a number of applications with several finishes.

Although it comes in a wide variety of colors, grey and beige are the most popular colors of limestone on the international market right now. These colors are soft and neutral, and will likely blend well with any space. Your personal preference is a key part in which limestone is right for you. To introduce you to further to limestone, we have put together a list of some of our favorites on the market right now.

Moca Cream

Moca Creme limestone is a beige color known for its parallel veining and uniform background. This stone is medium grain and can either be cut  with or against the veins. Moca Creme stone has received international recognition since originating in Portugal and has since been in high demand all over the world. Our favorite places to put this stone are on the exterior of a home or as a kitchen backsplash.

Jura Grey

Jura Grey limestone is one of the most well-known and sought-after types of German stone. Jura Grey is extremely popular in countryside homes in Germany, in the European market and internationally. This stone has a unique background that was probably due to fossils originally residing in the stone. The stone itself is a silvery-grey color. The contrast in this stone is peculiar to the eye, making it attractive to natural stone buyers.

Moleanos Fine

Moleanos Fine limestone is another of the most popular limestones exported  from Portugal. Although this stone has limited availability, it remains in high demand all over the world. This stone is a beige color with a solid background and thin to medium grain. This stone is not only known for its versatility and durability, but the little shells and shaded spots in this limestone are what make every piece unique.

What is your favorite kind of limestone? If you’d like to look at our inventory, don’t hesitate to come by our store. We would love to show you your options in person!

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