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  • 4/26/2017 6:00 AM

Natural Stone Myths - BUSTED!

Natural stone is one of the most versatile and stunning materials available, making it the perfect choice for both commercial and residential design. Each and every piece of natural stone is unique, unlike manmade materials. Natural stone is a top choice for designers and consumers due to its ability to fit effortlessly into various styles of décor. However, there are multiple myths about natural stone concerning many homeowners, we’ll explain why those myths are busted.

Myth: Natural Stone Will Stain Beyond Repair

One of the top concerns for homeowners is that natural stone countertops will stain. It is a common misunderstanding that natural stone countertops become damaged beyond repair by products such as coffee, red wine, or cosmetics. The truth is, while staining can happen with any light colored stone, most stains are in fact treatable and can be removed. Knowing the origin of the stain will provide the best outcome for removing the stain. It is also important to be mindful about what type and color of stone goes where. For example, white marble is better suited for the master bath, rather than a child’s bathroom. Rather than use white marble in a child’s bathroom, granite would be an excellent choice. It has a great appearance, but is more stain resistant. Click here for more information on stain removal.

Myth: Natural Stone Is Too Expensive

While natural stone is commonly found in high-end budgets, it doesn’t mean that it is unaffordable for modest budgets.

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of natural stone, such as demand and availability. A variety of natural stone is often in a comparable price range as manmade materials. Sometimes natural stone costs less than manmade materials. Various factors impact cost like color and the movement of the slab.

Myth: Natural Stone Requires Too Much Maintenance And Is Delicate

While there are softer stones, like marble and limestone, that are susceptible to scratches and etches, there are some easy measures that can be taken to prevent this from happening.  When cutting food, always use a cutting board, especially with acidic foods like lemons or tomato sauces. Coasters placed under hot pans or glasses is another simple preventative measure. Clean spills up quickly to ensure there is no damage and never use harsh cleaning products on natural stone countertops. We like to recommend Miracle Sealants for all the stone products we install. Follow these simple preventative measures and avoid scratches or etches. Check out some easy care tips here.

Myth: Natural Stone Will Go Out Of Style Like Everything Else

With other elements of design such as paint color, wallpaper, wood stains, and other finishes this is true, but not with natural stone.

One of the highlights of natural stone is that it is timeless. You can’t go wrong with natural stone, it is beautiful, durable, and classic. Natural stone provides an aesthetic that can’t be matched. It provides a sense of nature, history, or drama to an area while maintaining an authentic feel. Stone also adds an element of texture and depth that is difficult to replicate. For centuries natural stone has been used as a building material.

And while natural stone can change in appearance with time, it also ages with character and grace.




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