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  • 4/14/2021 11:17 AM

UPDATED: Outdoor kitchens and grilling for Summer

A major trend many homeowners are implementing in their homes is an outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor kitchens can be used for a number of different events. Whether you’re grilling out, having family and friends over, or just running out of room in your indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchens are a unique feature that is becoming more and more popular. 

When you begin planning your outdoor kitchen project, one of the first things to consider is which countertop material you are going to go with. Granite, slate, marble and soapstone countertops for outdoor kitchens are some of the more common choices. Below, we go more into detail about these top outdoor kitchen countertop choices! 


Many homeowners are choosing soapstone countertops for outdoor kitchens. But why? Soapstone is one of the best choices for an outdoor kitchen countertop because this material is very heat and stain resistant. Although soapstone countertops are at risk of scratching, scratches are usually easy to repair, and the material overall is very easy to maintain!

One consideration with soapstone is that if the stone is not sealed the stone will darken over time due to fingerprints, oils, and liquids. The darkened areas wash off eventually, but they can be kind of annoying to deal with. Oil can also be applied to give the soapstone a dark shine, but this has to be done regularly. Besides the few cosmetic issues, soapstone is fairly low maintenance and durable.


Granite is one of the best choices due to its strong durability and low maintenance. Weather isn’t a match for granite, as it handles well in all types of climates. Often with outdoor countertops in your kitchen or grill areas you will notice that things get messier than they would indoors. Granite can handle all kinds of food, drink, and fun. Spill a little BBQ sauce on the countertop? No biggie.

Granite won’t lose its shine, etch, or discolor. Just be sure to seal the granite to prevent stains. If you don’t use a sealer and you do happen to stain the countertops, then don’t worry. Stains can be removed or the natural elements will rid them over time. With regular cleaning your granite countertops will look fabulous for years!


Marble is maybe the most expensive, but also the most elegant choice. It works best if the finish is honed and you don’t care about it getting stained or etched. A honed finish is suggested because the natural elements will wear away a polished finish. The natural elements will also wash away any stains and wear away any etch marks which will also naturally age the marble creating a rustic appearance.

Overall, the best outdoor kitchen countertop choice is going to be natural stone. Natural stone countertops are durable and resistant enough to stay looking good through the outdoor elements. Consider soapstone countertops for outdoor kitchens, or other natural stone materials for your next outdoor kitchen project!

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