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  • 8/11/2021 12:03 PM

Rustic Bathroom Design Tips

If you haven’t been keeping up with interior design trends lately, you’ll want to know this one! Rustic bathroom designs are in! But what makes a bathroom “rustic”?

When you think of a “rustic design”, you probably think of rough or weathered surfaces that portray an “earthy feel”. Or maybe when you hear the word “rustic”, you think about “country-style”. Whatever the case may be, a rustic design is used to bring a sense of nature, comfort and relaxation into any room.

One material often associated with rustic design is wood. To gain a real rustic feel, you can use wood in a variety of creative ways. However, as experts in the countertop industry, we know that wood is not a great countertop material. And in a bathroom, wood would not perform well in a shower. This is where natural stone comes into play!

At GMS Werks, we are a top vanity tops Omaha NE company who specializes in all things natural stone! We have helped countless homeowners turn their dream kitchen and bathroom into a reality! In this blog, we give some rustic bathroom design tips, and discuss how natural stone will enhance this rustic feel!

Weathered elements are needed

Weathered elements such as wood will help you create a very rustic feel in your bathroom! Whether you want a wood vanity, wood floors, wood-paneled walls or other decorations, wood will bring a sense of outdoors into your bathroom! Using reclaimed wood is a great way to improve the eco-friendliness of your renovation, as well as provide a real rustic look.

Mix modern with rustic

Another way to design a rustic bathroom is by mixing rustic materials with modern materials. For instance, you could choose a wood vanity with quartz countertops and a glass mirror. This type of style reflects a rustic look but also stays modern with the materials used! This photo is a great example of mixing rustic and modern materials together!

Embrace natural elements

Another tip when designing a rustic bathroom is to embrace natural elements and materials! Natural elements such as stone and wood are what will make your design rustic! Consider adding natural bricks to a wall or using natural stone as a backsplash to your vanity! On top of that, using natural stone tiles for flooring or in your shower will enhance the rustic look and feel, as well as provide a great surface that is easy to maintain!

Add some vintage features

Lastly, vintage features can also help enhance the rustic look and feel of your bathroom! Things like weathered picture frames, interesting and old-looking jars, and other rustic items will really help the entire design of the room. Adding wooden shelves is a great way to show off these vintage items! 

Home design trends come and go, but rustic bathrooms continue to stay in style! Consider renovating your bathroom to a rustic design to improve your home’s value and bring calmness and nature into your home!

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