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  • 9/12/2018 8:06 AM

Sealing your natural stone

While not every natural stone needs to be sealed, you should play it safe and get it sealed for maximum protection. You spent too much money trying to make your kitchen counters or bathroom sink look beautiful, so don’t ruin all the work you just had done in your home.

The worst case scenario when dealing with a stone that is not very porous and the stone will absorb very little sealer. Don’t look at the cost of sealer as a waste of money though, consider it an added peace of mind.

Don’t be afraid to do a little research when it comes to sealers. There are a lot of great sealants out there, but you’ll want a sealant meant to protect your stone type, finish, location and a sealant that will withstand cleaning or maintenance.

Stone sealant impregnator

Stone sealant impregnator is a premium water-based penetrating sealer that will provide unsurpassed oil and grease resistance on a wide range of surfaces. It’s best to be used on all natural stones including mardel, limestone, travertine, granite and slate. This sealant will also provide stain and mildew resistance without harsh solvents odors or surface coatings.

Stone color enhancer

A stone color enhancer will stain, oil, repel, and deepen the color of most tumbled marble, travertine, granite and other natural stone surfaces. Stone color enhancer is breathable and will now leave a surface coating.

Stain defense sealer

A stain defense sealer will repel water and oil your natural stone, while maintaining its natural look. It will also form a barrier resistant to moisture, stains and mildew. It won’t leave a surface coating, and has no unpleasant odors. It may also be used as a pre-sealer and grout sealer.

Leave it to the pros

There are many pros and cons to sealing your own natural stone. By sealing your own stone you’ll save money on labor costs and it can be done on your own time. But you really should leave sealing to the professionals. A professional will be able to make sure your stone has been thoroughly cleaned, know when the liquid sealant has properly penetrated the stone and you’ll ensure none of the stone is missed.

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