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  • 11/7/2018 8:23 AM

Stay warm with natural stone fireplaces

Natural stone is used in various ways to create warm and inviting living rooms perfect for entertaining and family gatherings. Stone fireplaces can come in some many different shapes, colors, and designs that can fit perfectly with any home. A stone fireplace will last for a very long time, add value to your home and give it a luxurious feel.

A stone fireplace will project a warm and cozy atmosphere. Using natural stones in constructing your fireplace also gives it a distinct look. Natural stones can help retain heat from your fireplace and radiates heat longer than other materials. Which means you can enjoy a warmer room for a longer period of time. It will allow you and your family to stay comfortably in your living space long after the fire has subsided.

Natural stone fireplaces can be customized to work with any specific design you want. With a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. There’s almost no limit to the look you can create for your which your fireplace surrounds.

Stone is a sturdy construction material. It’s possible for your stone fireplaces surroundings to last as long as your home or even outlast your home. With proper installation, your fireplace will need very minimal repair in the years to come. You also don’t need to be a pro to restore your fireplace luster. It is best to ask for fireplace cleaning tips, but should your fireplace start to collect dust or soot, cleaning is easy.

Using stone for your fireplace surrounds can also be an advantage for your homes resale value. Most home buyers appreciate the unique and elegant appeal of a stone fireplace. This can help add value to your property come time you should decide to sell it. Since stone fireplaces carry a timeless beauty you can feel confident that yours will continue to draw admiration from visitors.

One aspect of the installation of a stone fireplace can have the biggest effect aesthetically is the chosen joint technique. There are three popular applications types used with fireplace stone: dry-laid or recessed joint, standard joint, and wide joint. The color of the mortar used in the pointing processes will also dramatically affect the overall look and design. In all installations the joints should be as uniform as possible.

When deciding on the perfect natural stone choice to fit your space it can be difficult to find just the right blend of colors and shapes. No matter where your fireplace is going it will be the focal point for the room and the anchor of the overall design. Sometimes a little customization is just what is needed to make the space truly your own. The best way to do this is by combining different colors and shapes of natural thin stone veneer to create your own unique work of art.

If you are interested in adding natural stone to your home, office or retail space, contact us at GMS Werks and we would love to help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of!

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