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  • 2/12/2020 9:21 AM

Ten interior design tips

If you have recently purchased a new home or are looking to renovate your space, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your design choices. With the world of social media, Pinterest and the emphasis on beautiful interiors you may be tempted to try out lots of different styles, patterns, textures and colors. Interior design Omaha located designers can help out, but before you jump in, check out these 10 interior design tips to make sure that you end up with your perfect space. 

Pick a cohesive color palette

When you’re beginning to think about what you want your finished space to look like, you should be envisioning what those colors consist of. This typically includes a base color, which tends to be neutral. This should work in many different spaces, rooms and with many different pieces. Next, choose your accent color. This is usually a pop of color that can be used around a space to tie it all together. Once you have decided on a cohesive color palette, this can make shopping for your space a bit easier. 

Pick your focal piece

It is a common recommendation when starting to design a room interior to pick your single “hero” piece. This means one element that will make an impact in the room, whether that is an antique furniture piece, a large scale painting or even a unique custom, natural stone countertop. Let this piece steal the limelight, but make sure it has room to breathe. 

Mix up shapes

Most furniture pieces tend to be square and stick to lines and right angles. A great way to break up those elements is by adding some different shapes. The use of a round coffee table or round side tables can mix up the space enough to keep it interesting. Other elements like a round rug or a large, round mirror can make a statement and enhance the sense of space. 

How to hang

All spaces need artwork and visually appealing pieces to liven up the walls. An important thing to remember when hanging these pieces is to keep a consistent center line throughout the home. This will create a nice sense of harmony from room-to-room. The center of the artwork should be at eye level, which typically is 145 centimeters from the floor (for the average person). This rule does not apply to gallery walls and hiring an interior design Omaha contractor can help you arrange these perfectly! 

Include negative space

Many people love the look of bright colors, but make sure there are some spots around the room to rest your eyes, this means to balance out your bright colors with some neutrals and balance out your busy elements with some areas of empty, unoccupied space. 

Never buy a set

Though you may be tempted, never buy an entire set. It may seem like a no-brainer that they go together and should work together in one cohesive space, but it will look like you went out and bought everything in one afternoon. It is noted that most people respond best to a well-blended and organic mix of furniture

Vary your light sources

A great way to create depth and warmth in your space is to find creative places to place floor lamps, sconces or small lamps. Placing multiple soft lights throughout the room creates a softer and more comfortable ambiance. 

Style your shelves

To create an intriguing and visually appealing space, a good style piece of shelving can do the trick. If you have lots of books and other things that need plenty of storage, you may want to invest in closed shelving. Save the open shelving for stylish books, objects and art. 

Keep it consistent

Throughout your home you have different rooms, which means different spaces to develop. While it is important that each room feels unique and special, it is important that they all connect to each other and feel cohesive. A great way to do that is by using a common color, item or textile in all the spaces.  

Take your time 

The biggest tip when creating your perfect space is to collect your pieces mindfully. This means taking your time when gathering all of the elements and make your space as interesting as possible by making it reflect you. 

Designing your interior space is a very personal process that may take some trial and error; however, don’t rule out the help of an interior design Omaha contractor. Whether your niche is bold colors, geometric textiles or a chic stone feature, your space should be as unique as you.

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