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  • 8/16/2023 3:15 PM

The Journey of Natural Stone Countertops: From Quarry to Your Kitchen

Every time we marvel at the elegant finish of a granite countertop or walk on a luxurious marble floor, we are experiencing the culmination of a long and intricate journey that started millions of years ago deep within the earth. But how does this natural wonder make its way from remote quarries to being the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom? 

At GMS Werks, we are your natural stone countertops experts. Let's delve into this fascinating process and discover how GMS Werks ensures that only the highest quality stones grace your spaces.

Unearthing the Treasure: The Quarry

The journey begins in quarries located in various parts of the world. Natural stone is the result of eons of geological processes, and it is extracted from vast open pits. Depending on the type of stone and its location, the extraction methods can vary, but precision and care are paramount. At GMS Werks, we source our natural stone products from trusted quarries known for their premium-grade materials. These quarries uphold strict standards for sustainable and responsible extraction, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Shaping and Refinement

Once extracted, large blocks of stone are cut into more manageable slabs. These slabs undergo rigorous inspections for any inconsistencies, cracks or imperfections. At this stage, advanced machinery is employed to give these slabs their preliminary shape and finish. But technology alone isn't the hero. Skilled craftsmen with years of experience play a pivotal role in ensuring each slab's uniqueness is highlighted.

The GMS Werks Touch

After initial shaping and refinement, the slabs make their way to GMS Werks's state-of-the-art facility. Here, using a blend of modern techniques and time-honored craftsmanship, the stone is further refined, polished and prepared for installation.

We believe in personalizing each stone to fit its space perfectly. Whether it's cutting the stone to specific measurements, polishing it to achieve a particular sheen or sealing it to enhance its longevity, GMS Werks' experts ensure that every piece of stone is treated with the utmost care.

One might wonder, how does GMS Werks consistently maintain its reputation for unparalleled quality? The secret lies in our quality assurance processes. Every slab undergoes a meticulous inspection process where it's checked for structural integrity, finish quality and aesthetic appeal. Only those that meet GMS Werks' stringent standards make the cut.

From GMS Werks to Your Home

After passing the quality checks, the stone is now ready to find its new home. GMS Werks' installation experts, equipped with the best tools and a wealth of experience, ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. The stone, now a beautiful countertop, floor or wall, is not just a functional addition to your space but also a piece of art with a story stretching back millions of years.

The journey of natural stone is a testament to the perfect blend of nature's marvels and human ingenuity. From the moment it's unearthed to the time it enhances your living space, every step is a mix of precision, passion and dedication. At the heart of this journey is GMS Wërks with its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that only the best reaches you. When you choose GMS Wërks, you're not just getting a stone; you're becoming a part of a legacy that values nature, craftsmanship and, above all, you. Visit our website to learn more about our natural stone products and services.

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