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  • 3/8/2017 6:00 AM

The Latest Color Trends for Natural Stone

The 2017 color trend predictions are in and they are and attentions grabbing selection of colors. Deep purple (Shadow), greenery, and taupe (Poised Taupe) are this years color trend according to Sherwin Williams, Pantone, and Benjamin Moore. The colors are contrasting, which is making homeowners curious about how to integrate them into their designs. It will be interesting to see how this year's color trend impacts the use of natural stone for homeowners and businesses.

Natural stone in home and business design is typically the least impacted by color trends, according to Brock Lane Mettz Design. That is, with the exception of neutrals, like beige, gray, white, and black. This is because natural stone usually acts as a backdrop to compliment more temporary elements. Because of this, natural stone is less impacted by color trends.

There is no question that color choices can create different moods or feelings in a room, such as warmth, coolness, energy, or calming. Color can change the way a space feels, as can different types and colors of natural stone. Adding natural stone can make a kitchen feel less industrial by complementing existing metallic materials, such as appliances. And a contemporary feel can be created by pairing white marble with all white kitchen cabinets.

A number of factors influence color trends each year, from the arts and nature, to economic environment and political climate. These factors are incorporated into home design by using color and light to create a mood or feeling in a space. Homeowners search through design magazines and websites to stay in style. So, naturally current color trends will influence homeowners design choices.

Natural stone choices are impacted by color, not due to trying to choose a stone based on the color trend, but more due to how the natural stone chosen will impact the color choices used now or later on. Calacatta and Carrara Marbles, and gray and buttery cream Quartzites are popular choices for keeping up with color trends. Using mosaics to combine white marbles and beige limestones is a perfect way to combine warm and cool tones.

Natural stone can be used in all types of design styles, as it creates sense of longevity and acknowledges classic design elements. Natural stone also has the ability to unite varying color trends year after year. When choosing design elements based on color trends, it is recommended to use those colors in ways that can be easily changed in the future, as new trends will always emerge.

Many times a homeowner will begin with a bold color statement in their design due to a current trend, only to convert to a more neutral option down the line. Using a neutral natural stone will provide a timeless feel and will complement most color trends. Use paint or other easily changeable design elements to stay on track with color trends.

Color trends come and go, but creating a balance with colors in design will always be in.

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