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  • 12/16/2020 8:56 AM

Tile trends to expect in 2021

2021 is quickly approaching, which means that we will have a whole new year of design trends and ideas and we can say goodbye to the trends of 2020

Interior design trends are ones that change rapidly. It can be difficult to stay on top of what is trending because you never know what will be in or out next year. The easiest way you can redesign your space to try to ensure that it won’t go out of style any time soon is by designing with timeless features.

Typically, timeless consists of an understated, simple and sophisticated feel. This means it is subtle, adaptable and will last regardless of the trends. Think neutrals, clean lines, antiques and natural materials. You can switch up the feel based on what is trending by switching out your artwork, pillows or other decor pieces, but you never have to worry about repainting or repurchasing big furniture items. 


When it comes to bathroom tile trends for 2021, you will first be looking at sustainability. This has become an increasingly popular thing for homeowners to be asking for when it comes to their interior design. The biggest reason that many designers are reaching for sustainable tiles is because they are looking to work organically and prevent the unnecessary consummation of resources. Try to choose tiles that are locally sourced, stylish, functional and work to minimize waste

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are nothing new when it comes to bathroom tile trends, but the way they will be executed this upcoming year could be completely different. We’ve seen the usual subway tiles that consist of rectangular, white tiles with white grout. Sometimes you can add a bit of flair by using black grout instead, but it has all almost been done before. In 2021, it is likely that subway tiles will continue to make their mark on bathroom design, but with a twist. 

Nontraditional subway tile could mean that you can look forward to some colorful options. Instead of white, homeowners could begin using earthy, natural tones, which also looks to be a trend. Instead of going with the small, white tiles, choose larger tiles for a different look. Putting a unique spin on a classic is a great way to switch up design trends while still keeping things familiar and comfortable. 

Bohemian style

One of the last bathroom tile trends you can look forward to for 2021 is a more bohemian style tile. This often includes a rougher, more natural surface to your tile. It can sometimes be a bit challenging for floors, but you can create a super unique space with these types of tiles. Not only are they unique from other tiles, but from each other. They each have their own texture and design, which makes them charmingly imperfect.

Bohemian style also means the incorporation of rich colors like emerald green, peach or  royal blue. These are great ways to add color to your space without having to look for specific design elements. Plus, this type of color can actually make your space look bigger, which is helpful for those with limited space!

If you are redesigning your bathroom space and need some help choosing the perfect tile to match your natural stone, give us a call today! We have an entire showroom full of options to fit your needs and can help you create the perfect space!

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