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  • 5/13/2020 10:38 AM

Tips for Cleaning Granite Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone is the leading choice for bathroom countertops for many people these days due to the sleek appearance and modern look. Granite, which is a natural stone, is one of the best stones for bathroom countertops. It is popular due to its antibacterial property, which makes it a healthier choice. 

Another reason that granite is a popular choice, amongst other stones that are not man-made, is that they are incredibly unique. While most stones have a similar look, no two stone slabs are the same. This means that you can get a modern and popular look with your stone, while still having a unique touch. 

Many people find that a stone countertop can really add a lot of elegance to the space. Choosing a design, color and stone that works for your aesthetic and needs can be the perfect finishing touch on a space. If you choose to invest in a natural stone countertop for your space, it is incredibly important that you protect your investment by taking good care of it. A countertop that is cared for properly can more likely save you money in the long run. This is because it will be less likely to be damaged, which can cause you to spend a lot of money on repairs. 

Bathroom surfaces need to be cleaned a bit more thoroughly to be sure that things are kept disinfected and sanitary, but with a stone countertop, you need to be sure that you are doing that properly. Here are some tips on cleaning your granite bathroom countertop. 

Clean daily

Granite is naturally shiny, and to maintain it's natural gleam, it has to be cleaned on a daily basis. A dish-washing detergent and some water are all you need for this. All you have to do is mix a small amount of dish-washing liquid detergent, preferably a teaspoon, with about four water cups. Once you have mixed the solution, empty it in a spray bottle, and spritz the countertop. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe it, then leave it to dry on its own. 

Remove tough stains with stone poultice

A commercial stone poultice is the recommended solution to remove stains from a granite bathroom countertop. There is a homemade alternative if you are low on cash. For this homemade alternative, it will require baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a plastic wrap. You mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide until a thick paste is formed, then apply and seal in the mixture with a plastic wrap on the spot the stain is. Check after a day and remove the wrap. Once it is completely dry, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the mixture away. Voila! The stain is gone.

Avoid harsh cleaners

While solutions like vinegar and lemon juice can effectively clean granite bathroom countertops, they also interfere with the natural composition of the stone, making it become dull over time. It is therefore essential to only stick to less harsh alternatives like dish-washing detergent.

Sealing is a must

Bathroom countertops come into contact with many different materials. This includes things like toothpaste, mouthwash, cleansers, makeup and lotions. To be sure that they do not impact the integrity of the stone, be sure that you seal your stone properly and as often as required. You can easily prevent stains from damaging your granite bathroom countertop by sealing it with the recommended tools and techniques.

Taking care of your granite countertops is the best way to ensure that they will last you a lifetime. If you think that a natural stone, or granite, countertop is right for your space, contact GMS Werks Contractors to order your bathroom countertop. Visit GMS Werks to check out our selection of natural stone countertops.

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