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  • 3/4/2020 9:36 AM

Tips when redoing your bathroom

When planning any remodeling in your home, it is important to take the time to plan every element before you get started. This will prevent mistakes and errors that you will later regret and may have to spend more time and money fixing.

A very common remodel that happens often in homes is the bathroom. This is a small space that can be completely transformed fairly easily to make a big statement. When planning a bathroom remodel, there are lots of things to consider like what should the layout look like? What is the best material for bathroom countertops? What kind of backsplash will make a statement? 

While you are going through your planning process, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you get your dream bathroom easily and painlessly. 

Know what a bathroom remodel costs

Many times when people are planning for a remodel, they underestimate how much it could potentially cost. The cost obviously varies depending on the severity of the remodel and what your specific plans are, but before you begin planning it is important to put your expectations into perspective and get a realistic estimate of what your plans will potentially cost from start to finish. This may also help you plan out what you would like to do depending on your budget. 

Avoid the toilet

Many designers advise that you do not make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door. This can kill the “spa-like” mood you are trying to create in your bathroom because the toilet is not the most aesthetically pleasing piece of your bathroom. Often times the door to the bathroom gets left open and guests will constantly get a glimpse of your toilet instead of whatever beautiful design you created in the space.

Consider vintage

It can sometimes be more costly and difficult than it is worth to remove old features in your bathroom. Sometimes things like wall tiles, which can be difficult to remove, would be better off left right where they are. This could allow you to spend your money elsewhere. Plus, vintage is all the rage right now. 

Sink height

While you should be considering the best material for bathroom countertops, that isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about. Sinks usually sit at 32 to 34 inches off of the ground, but you must consider what the height will be like when adding a sink onto the countertop. If the sink is incredibly sunken in, it can make it awkward and uncomfortable to use the sink.  

Lighting design

Well planned out lighting in your bathroom space can make a huge difference in the overall appeal and mood of the room. Sufficient and luxurious bathroom lighting can transform the space more than most people expect. A great tip to use is to combine LED recessed lighting with wall sconces beside or over the mirror to eliminate shadows on the face when using your vanity. You could even install dimmer switches to make the lighting perfect for whoever is using it. 

Pick the right materials

You want to plan for the future when designing your bathroom. This means picking materials that are timeless, but also durable. The best material for bathroom countertops tends to be a natural stone. This is because it is incredibly durable, beautiful and water-resistant. 

Plan your grout 

After focusing on the larger elements of your bathroom redesign, you will definitely want to pay close attention to the small features that need sorting out. This especially means the grout. This is an important element because it seals out dirt and water while also firming up the structural integrity of an installation. It is important to ask questions like whether you want your grout to stand out or blend in, what color you want and what type of look you are going for.  

A bathroom redesign can seem like a small project to yield big results, but it also includes many small decisions that can make or break the space. Be sure to consider all of your options and all of the design factors down to the last final detail to get the ultimate bathroom that will encourage relaxation. 

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