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  • 1/3/2018 2:10 PM

Using Tile To Accent Your Home

Tile is a design alternative to paint and wallpaper, and adding tile to a wall for accent can transform your room and add some dimension to your living space. Accent walls can serve as a focal point or can be used to highlight a certain part of the room such as a fireplace or bathtub.

If you’d like to use tile to create a new look, here are some designs to bring style to your home:

Accent Walls

Infuse color into neutral decor
Colored glass can brighten up a neutral room, whether you are using it to completely cover up a wall or if you want to work them into a decorative pattern. If you are leaning more toward neutral paint, adding one wall of glass tile can add enough accent to enhance the whole room.

Create wallpaper-like patterns
Like glass mosaics, natural stone tiles can add a sense of elegance. You can choose from chevron, hexagon, or linear mosaic shapes to create an original accent wall that is all your own. If you wish, you can go for more of a unique look by creating your own pattern that features cool and warm shades of tile.

Add textured tiles for depth
If you feel like your design is too flat and bland, you can add texture, which increases the visual movement of the space. Using tiles that have advanced digital imaging can help you master the textured look.

Bring the outside in
You can create a different look on your accent wall by using materials that are usually seen on home exteriors. For example, the look of stone or brick can add that extra layer of texture to your room.

Accent Flooring

Create a border
Using an accent tile to create a border as a common way to dress up a plain tile floor. Depending on the color, size, and shape of the tiles that you can use, you can make your border as bold or subtle as you would like. For a clean look, choose slim accent tiles and choose accent tiles in a color only one or two shades darker than the rest of the floor. If you want to get more creative, use several different colors and shapes or choose larger accent tiles with a decorative pattern.

Create shapes
Create a pattern or shape in the center of the floor. For instance, use black accents to create diamonds in the center of a white tile floor or use rounded red tiles to form flower shapes in the center of a beige or cream floor. Using accent tiles in this way is a particularly attractive look for a foyer.

Make it random
Add accent tiles to your floor in a random pattern to create a more whimsical style. You can use accent tiles in bright colors that contrast with the field tile or accent tiles that have a slightly different texture. When placing them randomly, it oftens if the accent tiles are smaller than the field tiles so you don’t wind up with a floor that has too much patchwork.

If you are looking for ideas for your flooring or wall, check out our visualizer for more help! If you are looking to upgrade your home for the new year, contact GMS Werks for all of your natural stone needs and we would love to help you out!

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