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  • 4/1/2020 10:08 AM

What Space Works for Each Stone

Whether you are redesigning a space or completely starting over, choosing all the right pieces and elements to complete the look can sometimes be difficult. Of course, you want everything to match and be cohesive, but most times, owners also want a unique element to their space. A great way to incorporate a unique and stylish piece is with a natural stone element. You can do this with a countertop, fireplace, stone wall or other stone features. 

Beyond just pulling the room together and matching the already decided upon interior design, your natural stone piece should be chosen for a couple of different reasons. You should choose a stone that works well in whatever space you are creating. This means that it should hold up well to whatever use it will endure. You should also be thinking smart when it comes to financials and choose an option that will be plausible for how much footage you will need to cover. 

There are many different stones to choose from and they all work well in different spaces. Here are a couple of popular stones and where they work best. 


Marble is an incredibly beautiful stone to incorporate into your space. No two pieces are ever alike, and oftentimes imperfections in the stone are what makes it so unique and beautiful. Many people want to bring marble pieces into their homes or commercial spaces but aren’t sure where it fits best. 

Because marble is highly porous, it is a somewhat high-maintenance surface. This means that it is very vulnerable to staining and scratching. If the marble is sealed correctly, you don’t need to worry as much; however, the stone will need to be resealed on a very frequent basis (every six months to a year) making it a more expensive choice in the long run. 

Since it is so easy to stain and scratch, marble is not necessarily the first choice for countertops unless you are willing to put in all of the extra work. A great way to bring in some marble is with pieces that will get less daily use. You can add a pop of marble with a pillar or a marble fireplace. This will give the elegant effect you’re looking for without maintenance as frequently. 


Granite can be used in lots of different spaces because it is so durable. This means it can be kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and can be incorporated in almost any setting. One place that it really shines is in outdoor areas. If you are looking to add an outdoor kitchen or bar to your patio, granite is definitely the best option. 

Since the outdoors are susceptible to rain, snow, hail, sleet and many other elements, you will need a stone that can withstand lots of wear and tear. If you are often hosting, you will also want this stone to hold up to that kind of wear and tear. Granite is an awesome option for this space because it is incredibly durable. It cannot be damaged by heat and it is resistant to stains, mildew and mold if it is properly sealed. 

Other stones that can work well outdoors, though not as well as granite, would be soapstone and quartzite. Soapstone is heat and stain resistant, but is often scratched pretty easily. These scratches can usually be sanded out. Quartzite is similar to granite in that it is very durable.


Limestone is becoming more popular in interior design and a big reason for that is that it is low-maintenance and easy to refine. Limestone can be sanded down or smoothed depending on what look you are going for. When cut there are usually very few variations from slab to slab, making it easy to get a uniform look. Limestone needs to be sealed less than other natural stones, making it less high-maintenance. 

If you are considering stone flooring in your space, limestone would be the way to go. With proper sealing, it is resistant to wear and tear stains and scratches and it can provide whatever look you need to match the already existing aesthetic. 

There are many different natural stones and all have wonderful uses in different spaces. Finding just the right stone to pull your room together is important for looks, but also for long term investment. Contact us and we can help you figure out what stone works best for you!

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