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  • 8/18/2021 11:30 AM

What Space Works for Each Stone

Whether you are designing a room or completely renovating your home, choosing the right materials for your space can be challenging. With so many options available on top of the wide variety of design styles, there are so many unique styles and materials to choose from. However, when designing your home, there is nothing more unique and elegant than using natural stone. 

There are many different types of natural stones used within home designs, all of which serve different purposes and work better in different spaces. When using natural stone in your home design, you should choose a stone that works well in whatever space you are creating. This means that it should hold up well to whatever use it will endure.

At GMS Werks, we are specialists when it comes to everything natural stone. Below, we cover the most popular natural stone materials and discuss where in your home they best work!


Natural marble is an incredibly beautiful stone to incorporate into your space. No two pieces are ever alike, and oftentimes imperfections in the stone are what makes it so unique and beautiful. Many people want to bring marble pieces into their homes or commercial spaces but aren’t sure where it fits best. 

Because marble is highly porous, it is a somewhat high-maintenance surface. This means that it is very vulnerable to staining and scratching. If the marble is sealed correctly, you don’t need to worry as much; however, the stone will need to be resealed every six months or so. 

Natural marble is a beautiful stone, and that is why many homeowners like to add it to their kitchen and bathrooms. However, due to its somewhat high maintenance, we recommend adding marble to spaces within your home that don’t see a lot of use, but in places where your marble will still stand out, such as your fireplace!


Natural granite is another very popular natural stone used in homes across the country. The reason why granite is so popular is due to it’s amazing beauty and durability. This means it can be kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and can be incorporated in almost any setting. Granite is also one of the best materials to use for outdoor kitchens since It cannot be damaged by heat and it is resistant to stains, mildew and mold if it is properly sealed!


Lastly, quartz is becoming one of the most popular natural stone materials used in home design! This is mainly due to the design and durability that quartz possesses. Quartz is resistant to pretty much everything, making it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops! It is also a great material for showers and bathtubs as it is non-porous and very easy to clean and maintain! 

There are a number of ways in which you can implement natural stone into your living areas. However, with so many options to choose from, it’s important that you are choosing the right material for your application! Hopefully this guide will help you decide on your next home project!

At GMS Werks, we offer a variety of natural stone services. From granite countertops to natural marble floors, our products and services are of the greatest quality. To learn more about what we do, visit our website today!

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