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  • 8/3/2022 12:05 PM

UPDATED: Which Countertop Edge Style Should You Choose?

Buying new countertops for your home is exciting! However, there are many decisions that you have to make, such as picking the right material and color. Another decision that might not always come to mind is which edging style you want for your countertops. When it comes to edging, there are many different styles that each offer a different look and feel for your space. 

At GMS Werks, we offer a variety of natural stone surfaces and services. From kitchen and bathroom countertops to tile flooring, our team will make sure your natural stone surfaces will be installed properly and efficiently. Below, we detail some of the most popular natural stone countertop edging styles to use in your kitchen and bathroom!

Eased edges

Eased edge countertops are a simple yet stunning design. Sometimes called straight edge, this style is a common choice in both traditional and modern kitchens, and it is a great choice for small kitchens with narrow walkways. An eased edge style is slightly rounded at the corners, which is both safe and comfortable. Eased edges work with every countertop material and are very difficult to chip!

Beveled edges

Beveled edges feature an angular design. This edge cut utilizes multiple angles that establish a well-defined border while maintaining a quality finish. If you choose beveled edges, you will also have to determine the size of the angle. You can opt for a quarter-inch cut or choose a more stylish option at half-inches. You also have the option to just bevel the top edge of the counter or the bottom as well. Although this edge style has a more elegant look, it is comparable in price to standard countertop edges! 

Bullnose edges

Bullnose edges are one of the most popular edging options that many homeowners choose. With a soft, rounded edge from top to bottom, bullnose edges work great in any design style. Many homeowners say this is the perfect edging style for granite countertops in Omaha! It is also a great choice for homes with children since the countertop won’t have any sharp edges. 

Half bullnose edges

Half bullnose edges are very similar to bullnose with the only difference being its roundness comes at a wider angle. This makes the countertops look a little thicker than full bullnose, and it looks great in any design. Half bullnose edges look best with natural stone, and are very easy to clean! 

Ogee edges

Lastly, we have ogee countertop edges. This edging style has many different variations to choose from, including; cove, flat, deep, half and classic. Classic ogee edges feature an elegant “S” shape, and its curve can vary depending on the style. If you have a larger kitchen and want to add an elegant look, ogee edges are the perfect choice!

When picking out new natural stone surfaces for either your kitchen or bathroom, keep these popular edging styles in mind. Any of the edge styles above will make a beautiful addition to your room’s design. Whether you want a striking shape or sense of blending in, there’s an edging style for you!

If you are still not sure which edging style you should go with, give our team a call today! Our experts can help find the perfect countertops and make sure your project goes smoothly!

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