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  • 3/30/2022 9:22 AM

Which countertop edge style should you choose?

When designing your countertops, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the edge style. Whether it be for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room, your countertop edges can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. The good news is: there’s no shortage of choices! 

Once you’ve decided on a stone material, your Omaha countertops fabricator can cut the edges according to your personal preferences. Here are some of the most popular countertop edges for you to choose from.

Eased edge 

The eased edge, which is often referred to as a straight or flat edge, is square in appearance with slightly rounded corners. These rounded edges are called “kerfs” and they act to protect the countertop from chipping or breaking. The rounded edges also prevent the corners from being too sharp. The eased edge is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a clean, simple and modern looking countertop.

Bullnose edge

The bullnose edge is similar to the eased, except the curve is much more pronounced. This edge is as round as it gets. Different variations of this type include the full bullnose edge and the half bullnose edge. The full bullnose edge is fully rounded on the top and the bottom while the half bullnose is round on the top edge only. Both are stunning options for your Omaha countertops!

Ogee edge

The ogee edge is a double curved edge that forms an “S” shape. The edge comes in different variations including: cove, flat, deep, half and classic. This style is most ideal for quartz and granite countertops. The ogee edge is an intricate and elegant style that’s perfect for the more traditional style of home.

Beveled edge

The beveled edge, sometimes known as “chamfer,” is an angular designed edge with less than a 90 degree angle, traditionally 45 degrees. Beware that these edges may not be the most child-friendly option as they can be fairly sharp. However, beveled edges are easy to clean and are a super luxurious and classy addition to any space. 

Chiseled edge

The chiseled edge is easily the most unique among the different countertop edge options. These edges are rough, as if they were just chiseled out of the ground. For the more rustic and natural home aesthetic - chiseled edge countertops are hands down the best choice!

When choosing an edge style for your countertops, you have many options. It’s important to be sure that the style you pick fits the overall feel and style of your space. Once you’ve made your choice, visit our Omaha countertop fabricator GMS Werks. We can cut your countertop edges according to your specific style preferences. Contact or visit us today for your custom countertop needs!

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