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  • 3/9/2022 10:33 AM

2022 Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms serve a function beyond bathing in 2022. Amidst these uncertain times, bathrooms act as sanctuaries for relaxation, comfort and self care. People are spending more time in their homes, and consequently more time and money improving them - particularly their washrooms

After all, who needs to go to a spa when you have one in the comfort of your own home? Consider these 2022 bathroom trends as you undergo your bathroom renovation project, and then contact our experts who can help you determine the best stone for bathroom projects.

Natural materials

The key to a spa-esque restroom is a calming, minimal design and feel. That being said, there has been a push towards more serene, monochromatic color palettes - achievable with organic materials. Not only do surfaces like natural stones fit the trending down-to-earth aesthetic, but they’re environmentally conscious and their overall function is superior to that of man-made stone. 

Wet rooms 

People are opting for wet rooms over the more traditional closed style bathroom. A wet room refers to an open concept bathing space, resemblant of the modern spa. This style is complete with tiled walk-in showers and free-standing bathtubs. There is something peaceful and comforting about an open concept space where everything is in view. This trend could be one that sticks!

Mixing textures

Another popular bathroom trend is mixing textures. Especially with a monochrome color palette, it's important to incorporate a variety of different textures to create dimension in your bathroom. Whatever the surface, from your walls to your flooring to the countertops, opt for a textured finish over smooth to embrace this popular look. 

Statement stone 

A statement stone is a sleek and creative option for accentuating your bathroom wall. Marble is particularly popular, but you can get the look with just about any natural stone. Our experts know the best stone for bathroom surfaces and are here to help you choose the perfect one for your statement piece!

Thick counters

While it’s not in theme with minimalism, when it comes to countertops in 2022 - it’s the thicker, the better! Rather than the traditional one-and-a-half-inch cut, buyers are choosing countertops that are between three to six inches wide. This look also allows for a deeper, more functional sink! Do consider, however, the cost of your natural stone countertop surface as you decide the right width of countertop for your space! 

Custom sinks

Unique, custom sinks are in right now. Personalize your bathroom with a custom sink creation. You can choose every last detail - size, material, shape, color, finish, and everything in between. Because while trends can be useful for designing your bathroom, your space should feel like your very own. 

As you design your bathroom, do consider these 2022 bathroom trends, starting with your natural stone materials. Our experts can help you determine the best stone for bathroom surfaces. Contact us today and get started on your bathroom remodel.

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