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  • 10/7/2020 9:53 AM

A Guide To Using Travertine In Your Bathroom And Shower

Natural stone is super popular amongst bathroom trends and can be used in your bathroom for flooring, vanity tops, tub surrounds and wall mosaics; however, many homeowners don't know what type of natural stone to use in their bathrooms or showers.

When searching for what type of stone you want to use, you are faced with many different options. You may be feeling overwhelmed by choice and not sure what to go with. The important thing to remember is that each stone can serve a different purpose in different environments. Some are good for heat resistance, some are good for the outdoors and others are good for all spaces. 

You should start by deciding what type of look you are going for. After you have decided on that, you can begin looking at what types of stones work in the space you are thinking of. Put those two together and you should be able to find your perfect stone. This is also important to remember when searching for stone for your bathroom. It needs to be super resistant to moisture and it typically helps if it is pretty easy to clean

Additionally, while travertine is common in bathrooms and showers, many homeowners shy away from it because they don't know if it's suitable for such a space. Travertine is a great option for bathrooms because it's durable, beautiful and provides an elegant look.

It also comes in a range of venations, patterns and color variations, allowing you to pick a design that best compliments and suits your home. Moreover, travertine is a cost-effective option if you're on a budget, making it one of the most popular natural stones used in homes.

The right travertine for your bathroom

Travertine is known to be a porous material; thus, many people assume it is impractical to use it in spaces where water is always present. However, to eliminate this con, the travertine used in  bathroom trends should have the right finish.

According to natural stone experts, there are two travertine finishes for your bathroom and showers. These are:

  • Hone-finished- this has a matte finish, which softens your stone's appearance
  • Tumble-finished- this had an antique finish, which enhances your stone's natural colors

These finishes are right for your bathroom because they prevent slips and spills on your floor. If you choose a high gloss and smooth surface finish for your shower and bathroom, the likelihood of falls and slips are higher.

Why travertine?

Travertine is a great choice for your bathroom and showers because of its beauty, rustic look, and simple maintenance. For instance, in case of any spills, you can easily wipe them off without leaving any soap scum or water spots.

Sealing your bathroom travertine with the right sealer prevents it from absorbing any water that may damage your natural stone. However, the key to successful travertine bathroom floors and vanity tops depends on choosing the right material and installation contractor.

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