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  • 10/11/2017 6:00 AM

Choosing The Best Natural Stone : Fireplaces

We are back with our series of choosing the best natural stones for different aspects of your home. This week up on the blog, we are talking fireplaces. If you are in the planning stages of a fireplace or remodeling your current one, deciding the style that’s best for you is just icing on the cake.


Elegant and formal? Clean and simple? Contemporary? Rustic? Polished? Carved? So many questions when you’re designing a fireplace… To help with the process of choosing the best material for your fireplace, we have compiled a list of the best natural stones for fireplace use:

  • Limestone Fireplaces
    If you want a stone that is elegant and formal, then limestone is the right choice. You can keep it clean and simple or dress it up with carvings. If you are looking for a more rustic look, stacked limestone is the way to go. It is a durable material, but also porous which means it is prone to scratches and stains. Limestone is hard to clean, so it should always be properly sealed.
  • Marble Fireplaces
    Placing marble on top of a fireplace will give it a bright and sleek look. Marble is easy to clean and keep it looking in tip top shape; but marble is prone to stains, chips, and scratches. Repairing these can get a little expensive.
  • Slate Fireplaces
    If your style is more rustic and you are looking for a cottage feel, slate is the perfect option for you. You can do a stacked look or you can apply it as a tile for a clean look. Slate requires regular cleaning and occasional deep cleaning to keep its pristine condition. It is one of the most durable materials aside from granite.
  • Granite Fireplaces
    Choose granite stone for a contemporary and clean look. It is one of the most durable stones on the market and is very easy to keep clean. Granite requires sealing, but should stand up to most anything.
  • Travertine Fireplaces
    Travertine is a very versatile stone and can be installed as stacked bricks for a rustic look or laid as tile for a more modern look. It can also be carved for an older look. Travertine wears just like limestone and marble which makes it extra sensitive to stains and scratches.
  • Quartzite Fireplaces
    Quartzite has an extensive color palette and it adds drama to the room. It adds a very finished and formal look, but is also very timeless. Its wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from can please any personality.

If you are curious about how these different stones will look on your fireplace, check out our Stacked Stone Visualizer to see the big picture.

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