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  • 1/22/2020 10:00 AM

Updated: Choosing The Best Natural Stone - Fireplaces

Gone are the days when natural stone was limited to just kitchen countertops. It is a new year, a new decade and the perfect time to give your fireplace a facelift. Natural stone fireplaces are appealing for a number of reasons: aesthetic, durability, eco-friendly, heat-resistant and add value.

That leaves just one question: how do you want to style your new fireplace?

Do you want the fireplace to be elegant and formal? Clean and simple? Contemporary? Rustic? Polished? Carved? There are so many different options to choose from, but which type of stone is the best for natural stone fireplaces? While there is no right answer, the most popular options are:


Choose granite for a contemporary and clean look. This natural stone is one of the most durable on the market and is very easy to keep clean. Not only that, but it is scratch, chip and crack resistant. It is also heat resistant and a popular choice for wood burning fireplaces. Granite requires resealing about once a year, but it should stand up to just about anything.


Limestone can either be elegant or rustic, depending on the type and treatment. Although limestone is a durable stone, it is also porous. Natural stone fireplaces like this need to be sealed properly and regularly. It is also one of the less expensive natural stone options and is commonly used for gas and electric fireplaces.


Surrounding a fireplace with marble will give it a modern, bright and sleek look. However, marble does require more maintenance than most natural stone. If it is properly cared for, marble can last a long time. It can be used for any type of fireplace and can become a focal point in the living room. Similar to granite, it can either be polished or left unpolished.


Quartzite has an extensive color palette and adds drama to the room. It is timeless and adds a finished and formal look to any room. With its wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes, quartzite can fit anyone’s needs and remains popular for natural stone fireplaces.


If your style is more rustic and you are looking for a cottage feel, slate is the perfect option for you. It can either be staked or used as tiles for a clean look. Slate is the most durable stone aside from granite, but does require regular cleaning and the occasional deep cleaning to keep its pristine condition. Despite its durability though, slate should only be used on gas and electric fireplaces due to intense heat.


Travertine is a very versatile stone and can be installed as stacked bricks for a more rustic look or laid as tile for a more modern look. It can also be carved for an older look. Travertine wears like limestone and marble which makes it extra sensitive to stains and scratches. It should also only be used on electric and gas fireplaces.


Although natural stone fireplaces remain a popular choice, picking the right stone can be a headache for any homeowner. We at GMS Werks understand this and have created a stacked stone visualizer to help make the process and decision easier.

Do you still have questions? Contact us today and let us help you pick the perfect natural stone for your fireplace.


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