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  • 2/7/2018 12:00 PM

Creative Places To Use Tile In Your Home

The most common places that you see tile being used are in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but there are a couple of unique ways that you can incorporate tile in to your home to give it personality and create a style that no one else has.

Here are a couple of out-of-the-box ways to use tile in your home:

Tile On A Tabletop

Do you have an old table that could use a makeover? Covering it with a mixture of mosaic tile pieces and a mixture of large format tiles is the perfect way to  achieve a new look that is all your own. This sort of method works best if you have a square table, but don’t discount any round tables you have lying around. Round tables are just a little bit more of a process.

Tile On A Fireplace

Fireplaces are the focal point of any living room or outdoor living space; and you can make it stand out even more by placing tile around your fireplace. Another option instead of tile is to place natural stone around your fireplace or as a ledge. This would make anyone stop and admire your fireplace.

Tile On Columns

Columns in your home can be an eyesore. They are usually there for structural purposes, but you can bring them to life by adding tile or stone. You are taking an already eye-grabbing feature (the column) and picturesque tile to create a perfect pair.

Tile On The Ceiling

You’re probably thinking that tile on the ceiling isn’t practical because no one really looks at the ceiling, but its an alternative to the popcorn or textured ceilings. This can be plain white tiles or you can make it your own and create a design using mosaic or medallion tiles. If it is done correctly, then you have something that potential guests can comment on if they happen to be looking at your ceiling.

Tile In The Foyer

You can wow your guest the moment they walk through your home! Forget about the boring hardwood and carpet entryway, make a statement. You can use tile in your home as a focal point in the foyer. You can wow your guest with a tile centerpiece or use a beautiful floor pattern with multi pieces of tile! For more ways to make a “wow statement,” in your foyer, check out this article.

Natural stone and tile can bring a unique style to your home in various rooms. We commonly see tile being used in kitchens and bathrooms, but as you can see, tile and natural stone can be used almost anywhere in the home. If you can imagine it, it can be done!

If you are interested in adding tile to your home, check out the new tile that we have to offer and don’t forget to contact GMS Werks for your next big project!

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