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  • 4/10/2019 2:59 PM

Current bathroom styles and classic tiles

There is a new twist in classic natural stone bathroom design thanks to traditional materials, such as marble and subway tiles. A more sophisticated and updated esthetic is being created by blending natural stones such as, quartz, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. If you desire a luxury natural stone bathroom and have a contemporary, transitional, or modern style then this updated classic design is for you.

Timeless quality and design is highly sought after by homeowners and buyers. It’s important to consider ever changing trends when selecting tiles to use as a backdrop in your natural stone bathroom. The goal is to select a tile color scheme that is universal and allows for a multitude of paint color trends to pair well or be complemented by it. Classic materials such as natural stone tile, is a wise investment for your home.

So, what are the top three traditional tiles in a natural stone bathroom design right now? Subway tiles, white stone tiles, and hexagon tiles. Let’s discuss the modern interpretations of these timeless looks.

Subway Tiles

Nothing says timeless or classic like subway tiles do. Period. The white polished glossy tiles compliment ever changing trends. Using 3x6 subway tiles in a non-traditional design, such as a 90-degree herringbone pattern, is all the rage right now. Accompanying the patterned subway tile with a complementary mosaic border adds the perfect amount of flair that will transform your natural stone bathroom into an instant classic.

White Bathrooms

Along with traditional subway tile, nothing says classic or timeless like all white bathrooms. With the flip of an interior design magazine page, you will find all white kitchens and bathrooms.

All white kitchens and bathrooms are always a popular choice and are always in high demand. With an all white natural stone bathroom, you will find that the room has a clean, bright, durable, fresh, and expansive feel to it. White opens the space up and natural sunlight really makes it shine.

Consider using different types and textures of all white stone to keep the classic look while adding some dimension and character.

Hexagon Tiles

Small hexagon tiles have been used and trending for decades. Give the hexagon tile an updated and freshlook by using a larger size or by mixing stone colors or material types.

Using a classic gray and white marble for hexagon tiles has enough dimension and variation in coloring, that even using the same type of marble will give the tile walls or floors a gorgeous appearance with noticeable difference and variation throughout.

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