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  • 10/25/2017 11:02 AM

Dekton: The Mighty Material

Cosentino released their new Dekton Industrial Series, which launched in September 2017. Rafael Nadal, the number-one internationally ranked tennis player and Dekton spokesperson, made an appearance at the event to unveil the new collection. Nadal has been the brand ambassador since 2014.

GMS Werks has installed Dekton countertops in a local restaurant here in Omaha, Pitch Pizzeria Dundee. Dekton is a combination of the highest quality surfacing materials (Quartz, Glass, and Porcelain), which makes it great for use in restaurant and industrial settings.

Advantages Of Dekton Countertops:

  • Dekton is heatproof.
    Dekton is heatproof. That’s right: Heatproof. This means you can use the torch on your creme brulee or set your scorching hot pan right down on the countertop; and it will not harm it. If you don’t believe us, you can try it out yourself. No one would do such a thing to their countertops, but just in case things get a little carried away, you are covered

  • Dekton is stain proof.
    Dekton is so dense that it is non-porous. Ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, you name it - and it won’t stain. Even the white or lighter-colored countertops won’t show signs of staining. It is also completely chemically-resistant. Household cleaners such as bleaches, oven degreasers, and drain cleaners can be easily wiped up.

  • Dekton is scratch-resistant.
    It may be new to the game, but Dekton is the most scratch-resistant surface material. Even though this is true, it is still recommended that you use a cutting board to protect not only your countertops, but also your household utensils.
  • Dekton is UV-resistant.
    Dekton is UV-resistant, which means it will not fade or degrade the product. This makes it great for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Dekton is abrasion-resistant.
    It is widely known that granite is one of the most resistant materials to abrasion, but Dekton is even more so. Its resistance to abrasions makes it an ideal surface material for commercial applications and in high traffic areas. It will not show wear over time and will last for a lifetime without needing refinishing.
  • Dekton is ice- and thawing-resistant.
    Dekton is thermal shockproof from extreme heat and cold. Because it is extremely resistant to ice and thawing, it makes it the perfect material for even the coldest environments.

Dekton is unlike any other product on the market. It can be used in flooring, indoor/outdoor spaces, on countertops and commercial/residential areas. Since it is new to the marketplace, you can't find it everywhere. Luckily for you, GMS Werks is a distributor of Dekton. If you are interested in installing Dekton in your home or restaurant, contact GMS Werks and we would love to help you out!

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