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  • 8/12/2020 9:12 AM

Update: Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Countertops

Many homeowners are looking for ways to make their space more upscale and luxurious and one excellent way to do that is with marble. Marble is a beautiful stone that can add so much to a room, especially a countertop. Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable and can last a super long time, which is a huge draw for people. The only small downside to marble is that you have to be a bit more careful with it than you do with other types of natural stones. 

 If you have marble countertops then you already know that marble is a porous material that doesn’t mix well with food and drink. Today we will discuss what to do and what not to do to preserve the original look and to have good marble countertops care.  


Be careful with acidic food and drink. Good marble countertops care means knowing that it is a very sensitive stone, much more so than granite. Food and drink such as coffee, wine, fruit juices, soda, and tomato sauce are very acidic and can etch or dull the surface of marble as well as result in stains. Cleaning products can also etch or stain the surface of marble. Make sure that if anything spills on the marble that it is cleaned up immediately to prevent damage from happening.

When cleaning the marble surface use a soft cloth or a sponge. The only cleaning agents recommended for marble are hot water and a special formula stone cleaner. The stone can be buffed with a soft cotton cloth. A mild soap can be used as well since it won’t damage the marble surface, but with consistent use, over time the surface may develop a dull film similar to soap scum that you find in the shower or bath tub.

It is also important to make sure that you use a protective barrier under items such as glasses, cans, and bottles. Coasters are typically used to prevent any of the liquids from the beverages onto the countertop surface. Take extra precautions if the beverage is acidic. Using coasters would with a wood surface also helps reduce the amount of cleaning, polishing, and restoration of the marble countertops.


Do not use any kind of cleaning products purchased at your local store that are not specifically formulated for marble, typically you cannot find the correct required marble cleaners at these stores. The cleaning products from your local stores likely contain chemicals such as acids and alkalis that will damage the surface or wear the sealer down allowing the marble surface to stain or etch. The most common cleaning products will cause damage to your marble. So, be sure not to try to cut corners when purchasing a cheap cleaner, this will only cause you to spend more money in the long run trying to repair the damage.

Do not use vinegar, ammonia or citrus such as lemon or orange for cleaning the countertops. As noted before, using a soft cloth with hot water is sufficient for daily cleaning and a special stone cleaner can be used weekly.

Do not use any type of grout cleaners. Grout cleaners typically contain abrasives, even if it’s a “soft” cream or powder this is too abrasive and will cause damage to the surface by scratching and dulling it.

Don’t sit or stand on marble countertops. Marble countertops do not have flexibility like laminate countertops do and do not have plywood backing, having too much weight on one spot can cause the marble to crack.

Avoid placing toiletry products such as hair products, perfumes, toothpaste, nail products, creams, lotions and colognes on marble surfaces because they can etch the surface resulting in a ring shape. We recommend using a decorative tray to store these items if you want to leave them displayed.

On a side note: It’s important to know that not all marbles need to be sealed. With marbles that do not need to be sealed, you won’t need to use a sealer because it won’t be absorbed by the marble and will dry on the surface requiring toxic chemicals to strip it off.

Being aware of the care it takes to maintain good marble countertops care and looking good as new, you may be able to make your decision a bit easier. If you have an environment where you think a marble countertop would do well, you definitely want to contact us and see how we can help you implement it into your space. If you have decided that marble might not be the best choice, give us a call and we can find your perfect natural stone!

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