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  • 3/22/2017 6:00 AM

Go Big and Bold with Natural Stone

Like the saying goes, go big or go home… Well, natural stone is doing both. Natural stone is becoming a bold choice in home design. It’s being used indoors on vertical surfaces, particularly with natural stone slabs as a high end statement piece. And with the vast number of choices in the world of natural stone, you’ll be sure to find the right stone for your design plan.

Natural stone elements are being used more in design throughout the home, and in larger sizes. Even in applications as simple as natural stone countertops, homeowners are choosing to install waterfall panels and edge treatments to increase the thickness of the stone creating a wow factor.

Big and bold natural stone design is also being used for backsplashes and fireplace surrounds with full height quartzite and marble pieces. Bathrooms and showers are also a trending area for floor to ceiling natural stone.

So why is going big with natural stone a big trend now? Homeowners are starting to appreciate the dimension, texture, and timelessness in stone. This is likely also the reason for the stone designs elements grand size. The beauty of the stone speaks for itself, so it is being used as the décor rather than to compliment the décor. The bigger the stone the bigger the beauty, character, and timelessness.

When using large pieces of stone, color is an important factor. Taking the other design elements in the home is important in choosing the right color of stone. It is recommended for homeowners to consider the long term decision of the color selection and the type of stone used. You should not only choose the stone based on the color, but should look at other characteristics and care elements of the type of stone as well. A timeless color is optimal for large pieces. A color should be chosen that works with trendy bold colors or with neutral trends down the road. Remember, it’s a lot easier and cost effective to change the paint color in the room.

Stone is also being used in home design to transition indoors to outdoors seamlessly. Stone finishes create a multitude of different looks such as, polished, honed, brushed, or newer and more versatile finishes like leathered, flamed, antiqued, and acid washed. The finish you choose adds an entirely different design element to your home.

Another reason natural stone is being used more is because some types of natural stone, like marble, isn’t as intimidating to homeowners as it used to be. Marble has been used all over Europe for years, in historic buildings, roads, fountains, and public squares. People are starting to see stone like marble for its natural character and are embracing the patina and are less concerned with the perfection of the stone.

There are endless design options when it comes to using natural stone, it is even being used more on walls and in different creative ways with spaces or areas on walls that don’t get a lot of attention. Natural stone on a wall can create a dramatic statement and become a flattering conversation piece. Many homeowners are using natural stone slabs or tiles on walls for visual impact. While natural stone has been a common design element in areas such as foyers, it is definitely not restricted to these areas. Adding stone elements for living areas or master bathrooms can add a high end look or change the aesthetic of a room completely without it feeling overwhelming, when the right stone is selected.

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