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  • 10/14/2020 11:14 AM

Gravite vs. Marble

Both granite and marble represent attractive options for home countertops that homeowners are looking for. These natural stone products come in many colors, styles and sizes. Each material provides homeowners with somewhat different benefits. When you begin your search for the perfect natural stone countertop, you may feel overwhelmed by choice. There are a lot of different options that you can choose from. Of course, every material works better for some environments than others. 

Natural stone slabs are an attractive choice for those who are looking to create a unique space. It has become pretty popular among designers and homeowners, but the reason it brings a unique quality to a space is because no two pieces are exactly alike. Because it is made naturally, you can never guarantee the similarity between two pieces. This means that you can guarantee a unique piece of stone almost every single time, making your space unique. 


If you want a particularly durable surface, you might prefer granite. It doesn't stain as easily. Both options are quite strong, so they can stand up to high temperatures and resist impact damage. Dark granite and green marble tend to offer greater durability.


Either material will be heavy and require precision cutting, so installation is a major expense. It costs about the same amount of money to prepare and install granite or marble. A skilled contractor ought to perform this task.


Marble stone slabs are usually more expensive than granite. If you compare low-end options, it will probably cost at least 50 percent more. Both materials' prices vary substantially depending on the color, supplier and other factors.


Granite generally demands less upkeep, especially if it's black. Marble requires more frequent sealing. You may also need to clean it more often. This adds to the cost of ownership. Sealants usually protect granite with greater success.

It's important to immediately wipe up any foods that you spill on marble. You should do this regardless of whether it has been sealed or not. The surface can be damaged by exposure to acidic fluids like wine, various juices and pasta sauce.


The impact on your property's value will differ depending on the type of home. Marble is more desirable in luxury dwellings; many people feel that it looks elegant. Elsewhere, buyers may prefer the low maintenance needs of granite.


Natural stone slabs or tiles have a unique look. The most desirable material differs based on personal preference, so it's difficult to compare them. Be sure to look at a variety of products and evaluate their appearance on your own.

If you feel that your home could benefit from a new natural stone backsplash, countertop or floor, please contact our friendly staff to request a quote or ask questions about professional installation in Omaha, Neb. We have an inventory full of unique and beautiful natural stone options to help you finish off your space and make it look exactly like you are envisioning it. We can also provide you with tips and tricks on cleaning and maintaining your natural stone countertops to ensure that they stay beautiful for years to come!

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