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  • 11/6/2019 6:42 AM

How to make your house a home

The holiday season is getting closer and closer, what are your plans? Did you offer to host ‘Friendsgiving’ this year? Maybe you want to show your family your new home? Or you are ready to move out from loved ones and have your own space. We have a new decade upon us and it’s time to make some changes! 

With all these upcoming events, how do you feel about the place you live? Do you consider it a house or a home? Before you answer, let’s explain the differences; a house is described as a building that you live in. A home is thought of as your place that provides comfort and coziness. If you answered “house” or are looking for new ideas, this blog will give you tips for making your space a home. 

The first thing you should know is that home is a feeling which is personal, and what you consider home is not what others might think. Home is created by you, and your main focus is to be comfortable. Nobody wants a place just to sleep at the end of a long day. 

Here are seven ideas to transform your house to a home:

  1. Design it being practical 

  2. Make it cozy 

  3. Take advantage of your wall space

  4. Invite family and friends over 

  5. Find the fine line between organized and putting items away 

  6. Give every room it’s own identity 

  7. Incorporate extra scents like candles or wall plug-ins 

If you just moved into your house and the first thing on your to-do list was create a kitchen of your choice, what came into your mind? Was it a stone backsplash? The options are endless, you can choose between hexagonal mosaic tiles, mirrored, center piece, quartz, subway tiles, neutral or splash of color. 

Some people dream of having a perfect bathroom, closet or kitchen, and sometimes even all three. If you are mainly focused on your kitchen, what comes to mind when you are designing the countertop? This can be a big decision because it will be used constantly and is very noticeable. Three things you should think about before making your decision is; what it looks like, the layout and don’t forget to sample different countertops. 

Natural stone has been used to build houses in the past and therefore incorporating it can make your house feel more like home. There are many benefits of natural stone in your home, such; long lasting, easy to care for, versatile and good for the environment.

Maybe you are moving into an apartment, and you can’t just update their stone backsplash. But there are ways you can make it feel like home too, if you are just ‘renting.’ The first step should be unpack, having boxes and lack of furniture can make your apartment feel more temporary. Sometimes when you first move in, there might be weird smells, giving your apartment a deep clean can help! Bring along your sentimental items, this can make your apartment more homey. 

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